McDonald’s employee loses job for refusing to serve paramedics

The concerned employee apparently told the paramedics that the outlet does not serve anyone wearing a badge.


Anthony Quinn, a paramedic who visited a McDonald’s outlet in Madeira Beach with a colleague, was declined service by an employee. The employee reportedly said that they do not serve officers at the outlet. On being told that he wasn’t an officer, the employee went on to say that the outlet does not serve anyone wearing a badge. His partner also received similar treatment.

The outlet is run by a company called Casper’s, which immediately sacked the concerned employee. The Company issued a statement of apology and re-emphasised that it held people from law enforcement and first responders in very high esteem.

The statement issued by Casper’s said:

“We are aware of the unfortunate incident that took place at one of our restaurants last night. We, like you, were upset and disappointed and took immediate action. The employee has been terminated. What occurred does not reflect the values of our brand, our franchise, or the love and admiration we have demonstrated consistently for our friends in law enforcement and first responders. We have reached out to offer our sincerest apology.”

This is not the first time that a McDonald’s employee has been accused of rude behaviour. In 2013, the chain had faced a slump in sales due to the attitude of its employees. At that time, the managers had been told to ensure that the staff at all the outlets were pressurised to be courteous and focus on customer service.

Many feel that since the employees work in very pressurised environments and are expected to be quick all the time, there is a high level of stress. And therefore, if they lose it sometimes, it is understandable.

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