ATS launches initiative for employee development & community growth

The goal is to foster strong connections and create sustainable growth for the business, as well as a positive impact on the community.


ATS has introduced a new program aimed at promoting personal and professional development for its employees and leaders. The goal is to foster strong connections and create sustainable growth for the business, as well as a positive impact on the community.

The initiative, called ‘Share A Thought, Change A Lot’, encourages workers to share ideas and provide feedback on the direction they want the company to take in the future. Employees will have the choice of submitting their suggestions through a physical drop box located in each office or facility, or via an online method using QR codes displayed on posters and standees throughout the company.

The management will also be acknowledging every idea through rewards. Additionally, the company is also open to ideas for recycling waste materials, decreasing carbon emissions, protecting the environment in small but meaningful ways, and repurposing items such as paper.

What led to this thought? “I come from a middle class family, where conserving resources was a way of life. I remember how my mother used to run the household very well with limited resources at her disposal. This memory inspired me to create something similar for my ATS family,” said Getamber Anand, CMD, ATS Infrastructure Limited.

This initiative is also a part of a growing trend where companies and organisations globally and in India are working with their employees to not only improve their operations and outcomes, but also progress towards the greater good of the community and nation in the post-Covid era. People and organisations are becoming more adaptable, valuing diversity and seeking solutions to challenges. Nowadays, organisations want to understand and assess how unique talents, roles, contributions and innovations can be used not only for financial gain but also for the betterment of people and the environment.

The initiative will be ongoing throughout the year, and employees can share their ideas on any day of each month. The company will also review the submissions during the first 8 days of each month and announce the winner on the 9th of each month.

ATS is well-known for its cutting-edge and contemporary living spaces and has established a reputation for timely completion, high-quality, and unique homes. The leadership team desires to keep this momentum going by implementing new ideas and changes that align with the company’s core values of commitment, honesty, and the highest level of deliverables.

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