Annual holiday for mental health on Oct 9


Media company, Thomson Reuters, has introduced an annual company holiday on October 9, calling it Mental Health Day.

With so much uncertainty surrounding people, it is natural for everyone to be anxious and worried about their own future and that of their families. Employers are increasingly waking up to this fact, and trying to do something about it.

Given that October 10 is World Mental Health Day, this official day off on October 9 for Thomson Reuters staff, seeks to focus and pay more attention to the mental as well as overall wellbeing of the workforce, in the long term.

The employees have already been given free access to a daily meditation and mindfulness app. A training is also being organised for the staff on the usage of the same.

Considering the manner in which the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak has taken a toll on the mental and physical health of people the world over, and also adversely affected global economies, the significance of mental health has dawned on businesses.

Not only are employees struggling to cope with staying home and working, they are even overly stressed and burning out. There has been a rise in cases of mental exhaustion, fatigue, and depression.

Earlier, Google had announced a day off for its employees to relax, which combined with Labour Day had offered an extended weekend and a much-required break to the workforce.

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