Coronavirus: Bank of Baroda takes precautions to keep employees safe 

Banks across the world are setting up back-up offices to ensure uninterrupted operations even if the virus spreads and affects major financial centres.


Bank of Baroda has taken precautionary steps to ensure that its employees, as well as its customers and those visiting its branches and offices, within India and abroad, remain safe and protected from COVID 19.

The Bank has done away with the biometric attendance and Wave Towers to prevent the virus. All its  corporate as well as head offices, zonal offices and branches, have been stocked with general medicines, such as paracetamol and aspirin and face masks. The Bank is also promoting regular use of sanitisers among all staff members and even customers entering the Bank’s branches.

Employees who have returned from official travels abroad have been told to contact the human resources personnel before entering the workplace or resuming duties.

Meanwhile, in London, HSBC Holdings has asked about a 100 employees in London to stay home following a worker testing positive for the virus. This is the first known case at a major company in Europe’s main financial centre.

In Italy, UniCredit had to ask some of its staff to stay home after two new cases of infected employees were discovered at its German and Italian offices.

In New York and London, JPMorgan has begun to move traders to different locations. Goldman and Barclays will also be following suit in London, as they are also testing backup sites.

Banks across the world are setting up out-of-town offices even while isolating certain teams so that trading operations continue uninterrupted if the virus happens to spread to more financial centres.

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