‘Safe Workplace Guidelines for Industry and Establishment’ issued by Centre


In a bid to ensure that Unlock 5 goes smooth and safety is ensured for everyone, the Centre has issued Safe Workplace Guidelines for Industry and Establishment. These guidelines were released by Health Minister Harsh Vardhan and Labour Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar jointly and were formulated in consultation with Dr VK Paul, member (health), Niti Aayog.

The guidelines have been compiled and presented in the form of a ready reckoner for employers and workers, and can be referred to while trying to identify risk levels of Covid-19 at individual workplace settings and to devise adequate control measures.

It comprises guidelines for infection-control measures, such as respiratory hygiene, frequent hand washing, social distancing and regular sanitisation of the workplace.

It also lays down the human resource policies that can be used to control the spread of COVID-19 at the workplace.

The reference material includes guidelines for assessing, categorising and mitigating risk related to exposure to the virus and preparing contingency plans.

It explains in detail the method of isolating and managing the infected at the workplace, and lists the dos and don’ts of social behaviour.

While it is important to ensure that the economy of the country is not brought to a complete halt due to the pandemic, these guidelines will ensure that industrial workers, their families and those they work with remain safe and feel safe while at work.

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