The Great HR Debate, a first-of-its-kind event to create a uniform consensus on the future of HR

The event will take place on Feb 17 at The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru and will witness participation from renowned industry experts and thought leaders


HR Katha, India’a leading online HR platform connecting HR professionals, will organise The Great HR Debate on Feb 17, 2023 at The Lalit Ashok Bengaluru. The Great HR Debate aims to create a uniform consensus on the future of HR by hosting inspiring keynote speakers for interactive sessions, panel discussions and much more. The one-day conference will offer an opportunity for HR professionals to gain insight from renowned industry experts and engage in meaningful dialogue with their peers.

“In a world where technology is rapidly changing and customer needs are rapidly evolving, HR teams must be agile and flexible to stay competitive. This requires constant training, knowledge acquisition, and skill development. To remain successful, HR teams must continuously update their processes to ensure they can accommodate the changing environment. They must also be proactive in predicting upcoming needs and trends in order to stay ahead of the competition. The Great HR Debate is the ultimate platform for HR professionals and enthusiasts to come together and engage in thought-provoking discussions. Participants will have the chance to share their ideas and thoughts and gain valuable insights that can shape the future of HR.”

Prajjal Saha, editor & publisher, HRKatha

The event will witness the esteemed panel of HR Experts deliberating on a wide range of topics and attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest tools, strategies, and best practices in HR, as well as network with like-minded professionals. With an emphasis on collaboration and innovation, The Great HR Debate promises to be an event of valuable knowledge exchange.

Speaking about the event, Prajjal Saha, editor & publisher, HRKatha said,“The Great HR Debate will bring together thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to offer differing perspectives on the role of HR in today’s organisations. This is a great opportunity for HR professionals to gain insights into the latest trends, tools, and strategies and learn more about the changing landscape of HR. The debate will also provide an open forum for participants to discuss the challenges and successes that they have faced while implementing new HR practices. We can collectively strive towards a better and more efficient HR ecosystem by engaging in this dialogue.”

“It’s a good time for a honest debate on some of the people related trends. In these times of turbulent change, I think debating and understanding the basic principles will help guide our thinking. Personally, I look forward to The Great HR debate.”

Krish Shankar, Group Head- Human Resources, Infosys

The event will also unveil the report HR Forecast 2023 to offer attendees a comprehensive look into the HR industry’s future and help participants stay ahead of the curve and make a meaningful impact in their organisations. In addition to the informative discussions and expert insights, the Great HR Debate will welcome Krish Shankar, the HR expert and renowned author of the book ‘Catalyse’, as a special guest. In addition, The Great HR Debate will also feature a presentation by S Venkatesh, President of Group HR at RPG Group, where he will discuss the current state of leadership evaluation in organisations for prioritising qualities such as transparency, empathy, loyalty, and mentoring.

“It’s a good time for a honest debate on some of the people related trends. In these times of turbulent change, I think debating and understanding the basic principles will help guide our thinking. Personally, I look forward to The Great HR debate,” says Krish Shankar, Group Head- Human Resources, Infosys, who will give a special address at the conference.

“The Metaverse is a reality unfolding around us with tremendous potential to transform the hybrid workplace, but not without its share of concerns around cost and accessibility in the short term and social implications in the longer term. I look forward to sharing my thoughts at the ‘The Great HR Debate’ organized by HRKatha on 17th February.”

Sailesh Menezes, Sr. Director & Head – HR, India Geography, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise


“It’s high time we focused on what the employee wants, rather than what companies need. And about time the employee is seen as a customer – an internal customer ! This change in mindset is what will drive employee experience, and put a spotlight on how the employee sees the environment. After all, once she/he joins an organisation, its an environment that they will be in, and employee experience is all about that they see, hear & feel in that environment. And the environment includes colleagues, culture, processes, infrastructure. In short, everything that makes up the environment in the organisation. It’s akin to how you would be treated if you entered someone’s home as a guest, and continue to stay there for the long term. Are we ready to see this from an employee’s perspective ? Do we treat the employee as a customer ? Join us at the Great HR Debate to find out!,”

Ravi Kumar Sr. President & CPO, Page Industries

“With job losses stemming from business and operating model adjustments across firms, it might be argued that HR is not doing enough to help employees move from old to new capabilities. It is critical to recognise that this is a complex issue that necessitates a holistic solution that includes leadership support at the highest level, a relentless pursuit of developing future capabilities, investment in training and development programmes, and foremost a culture that values and encourages internal mobility as a form of career management.”

Unmesh Pawar, CPO, Dentsu

“Employee Experience is about giving an unique service through your products and services to your employees. It’s about making life easy snd something that they would like to remember. Conventional methods really don’t make a difference. Experiences have to be curated in such a way that they last and to some extant customised too.”

Jacob Jacob, group CHRO, Malabar Group


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The event is powered by Tata Steel Industrial Consulting in association with Keka HR. Other partners are Vantage Circle (employee engagement partner), Greyt HR (HR and payroll partner), Thomas Assessment ( talent assessment partner ) & NHRD Bangalore Chapter (community partner). The event is supported by XLRI Alumni Bangalore Chapter & XISS Alumni Bangalore Chapter.

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