Bring nature into workplace for happier and healthier employees


Proximity to greenery reduces stress and increases productivity.

Today, people are so busy working that they hardly find time to relax. The modern workforce suffers high levels of stress trying to accomplish a lot in a short span of time. Companies, which understand this stress among its employees, are making policies or introducing activities to destress them at the workplace. When employees feel fresh and good at the workplace, their productivity naturally increases.

There are studies that bring nature to the workplace, helping reduce stress and increase creativity and focus. We humans have an innate need to be connected with nature. A view of nature’s beauty has a positive impact on our mood, wellbeing and self-esteem.  

As per the Attention Restoration Theory, looking at nature can cause the brain to shift to a different mode of processing. This increases the attention power and leads to less mistakes and distraction.

Studies reveal that the sound of running water and forest smells have a positive impact on our heart rate and blood pressure.

But high work pressure, house density, office timings, and other factors leave us little time to spend with nature. This results in several health problems. There is a need to be connected with nature, whether at home or at work.

Decorating the offices with nature has a significant influence on employee wellbeing. The workplace can have living green walls, indoor trees and garden, planter boxes, and so on. Indoor gardens are a good option for restoration, and also provide opportunities for relaxation, privacy and retreat from noise.

Small companies may not have the space to incorporate nature, but they can opt for simulated views of nature using high-definition televisions, to create a positive mood.

A research in America tried to find out the connection between environment and employee sickness. It was found that 10 per cent of employee absence could be explained by office design—including lack of views of nature and insufficient daylight.

In another research in the UK, it was found that bringing plants into the workplace increased the productivity by 15 per cent. It also led to increase in concentration level and job satisfaction.

Today, companies are concerned about their employees’ health and well-being. They are doing every bit to ensure employee wellness by organising activities, such as yoga and beautifying the workplace with nature’s greenery. This is helping them improve employee health, well-being and productivity.

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