Can unrealistic marketing promise take a toll on employees ?

30 minute delivery promise is hazardous for employees or an achievable researched strategy.


Last evening, at office we celebrated a colleague’s birthday. When we finished our work at around 7pm, he asked all of us to wait and ordered pizza from Dominos.

Why Dominos? After all they promise to deliver within a span of 30 minutes and none of us would get too late for home.

While we were waiting for the delivery, one person mentioned his experience with the delivery boy once when the pizza got late by 5 minutes. He was quick to remind the guy about the 30 minutes delivery policy and demanded it for free. Upon saying so, the delivery boy requested him not to ask it for free, as the amount would be cut as a penalty from his pocket. Isn’t it too unfair on the part of the delivery guys!

Another colleague joined in the conversation and said that it was never cut from a delivery boy’s salary but somehow dealt from his incentive part. So, we all were pondering over the same, while we were waiting for our pizza delivery.

This constantly made me think about the plight of employees associated with delivery of pizza from Dominos, or for that matter any delivery of food products which are aplenty today in the market.

Hari T.N

“This marketing promise of delivery within 30 minutes isn’t an unachievable target. Whenever a company decides a time limit for delivery, they do a prior reiki and examination regarding the same”

Upon speaking to a senior leader who has worked with Dominos in the past, came to know how stringent are pizza delivery policy for the delivery employees. He says, “Whenever Dominos decides to open a new outlet, they have a very scientific approach towards it and use navigation technology to its best use”.

He further adds that “They first create a map of maximum covering distance from the outlet within a span of 20 minutes. Pizzas are usually made within 5-7 minutes and then within a maximum time limit of 20 minutes they deliver it to the designated place. So usually the delivery guy still have a buffer of 3-5 minutes in hand.”

He shares that “This is a very well thought out marketing policy and certainly not an unrealistic promise by Dominos. Even in cases, which are very few in number, if the delivery guy gets late to deliver, he is never penalised and it is all a part of the operations team to handle. Incase there are routes where too much congestion usually occurs, they do a meeting almost everyday after work at the outlet itself and discuss about these issues and try and find different routes.”

Hari TN, head HR, Bigbasket says, “This marketing promise of delivery within 30 minutes isn’t an unachievable target. Whenever a company decides a time limit for delivery, they do a prior recce and examination regarding the same.”

He adds it differs from company to company, and every company has a different policy. Also he shares that almost in 99 per cent of the cases, consumers turn out to be happy and also consumers understand the plight of the delivery guy.

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