Cracking the Code: How Carelon Global Solutions achieves a 40% female diversity ratio

In today’s competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is a constant battle


For Carelon Global Solutions, a healthcare data analytics and IT services company, the focus goes beyond just talent acquisition. They’ve cracked the code on building a truly inclusive workforce, one where nearly 40 per cent of its workforce comprises women associates. This commitment to diversity isn’t just about optics; it’s a strategic imperative that fuels innovation and drives growth.

Carelon’s secret weapon? A data-driven approach that ensures fairness and minimises bias throughout the talent pipeline.  “We leverage data analytics and reporting to identify trends and tailor interventions accordingly,” explains Subhashini Sriram, managing director, HR, Carelon Global Solutions.  “This allows us to offer data-driven insights to leaders and ensure everyone has the resources they need to thrive.”

Carelon Global Solutions understands that continuous learning is paramount for career advancement, especially for women.  While training programmes are open to all, the company actively encourages female participation through targeted nudges and interventions. They analyse data on training nominations, promotions, and pay increases to identify any discrepancies or participation gaps. This data-driven approach ensures equal access to opportunities and helps address any underlying reasons for lower participation rates.

“We leverage data analytics and reporting to identify trends and tailor interventions. This allows us to offer data-driven insights to leaders and ensure everyone has the resources they need to thrive.”

Subhashini Sriram, managing director-HR, Carelon Global Solutions


Mentorship programmes are a cornerstone of Carelon’s strategy.  These programmes go beyond traditional structures, fostering personalised connections that empower women to navigate both personal and professional challenges.  “We don’t just track metrics,” emphasises Sriram. “We prioritise creating an environment where women can thrive and build meaningful connections with mentors.”

Carelon Global Solutions recognises the importance of work-life balance, especially for women.  They offer flexible work arrangements, including remote work options, and have robust childcare and eldercare support systems in place. Additionally, location-wise chapters within the company’s women’s network ensure accessibility for face-to-face support and mentorship opportunities.

The company actively fosters a culture of collaboration and networking.  They host events featuring external female leaders, facilitate connections with external networks, and organise STEM hackathons specifically tailored for women.  These initiatives provide valuable exposure and mentorship opportunities, allowing women to connect with experts and build their professional networks.

The company’s robust referral programme is a testament to the positive sentiment among employees.  With a consistent 40 per cent gender-diversity ratio, the programme highlights not only the company’s commitment to diversity but also the willingness of existing employees to actively endorse a culture of inclusion.

To ensure fairness throughout the hiring process, the company tracks referral data and provides sensitivity training to interviewers.  This ensures inclusive and respectful interactions with all candidates, regardless of background.

Carelon Global Solutions empowers employees to take ownership of their careers through Individual Development Plans (IDPs).  These plans provide tools and resources for self-evaluation and skill enhancement.  Additionally, the company conducts specific sessions focused on women’s talent succession planning, ensuring equitable representation and advancement opportunities.

Carelon Global Solutions leverages advanced AI technology to facilitate open communication and gather valuable feedback from employees.  An AI bot engages with associates in ongoing dialogues, providing insights into their career development needs and experiences.  This feedback loop is instrumental in refining company’s support systems and ensuring they continue to meet the evolving needs of their diverse workforce.

Carelon’s journey towards diversity and inclusion is not a recent fad; it’s been a core value since the company’s inception.  “We provide comprehensive support to our associates, addressing their needs at a grassroots level,” concludes Sriram.  By prioritising data, fostering a supportive ecosystem, and empowering employee growth, Carelon has established itself as a model for building a truly inclusive workplace.

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