Why women are better bosses


Here are the few reasons why women make better superiors or managers than their male counterparts.

While some would agree that women are better leaders, others may choose to differ. There is proper rationale for both sides of the story.  

Without trying to pass a judgement, here are a few reasons why the boss’ position is more suited to women than men:

Let’s look at the six important qualities that a good leader should have.

1.    Ability to endure all job-related pressure and stress, for which they also need to be emotionally strong and firm.
2.    Outgoing and extrovert nature with an eagerness to drive initiatives, and an ability to communicate clearly.
3.    Innovativeness, curiosity, ambition and futuristic vision, all at the same time.
4.    A high degree of openness to new experiences.
5.    Ability to support, accommodate and include employees —high degree of sociability is a must for effective leadership.
6.    Methodical approach with the ability to set goals and follow up thoroughly.

Studies suggest that women outperform men on all counts except for No. 1.

Øyvind Martinsen, head of leadership and organisational behaviour at BI Norwegian Business School, says, “Disregarding the worrying (emotional stability), it could be legitimate to ask whether women function better in a leadership role than their male colleagues.”

When it comes to clarity, innovation, support and targeted meticulousness, women outperform men.

Gina Folk, the author of People Leadership: 30 Strategies to Ensure Your Team’s Success, opines that women make better leaders because they listen, collaborate, are accessible, focus on personal growth and also motivate people. They are natural cheerleaders.

According to a study by Gallup, of 2.5 million manager-led teams in 195 countries, workers with women managers agree to the following three points:

1.    There is someone at work who encourages their development.

2.    In the last six months, someone has talked to them about their progress.

3.    In the last seven days, they have received recognition or praise for doing good work.

The Gallup study also suggests that individuals who work for a woman manager are six percentage points more engaged, on an average, than those who work for a male manager.  Women are more apt than men to find stimulating tasks to challenge their employees, thus ensuring that associates develop within their current roles and beyond.

(What is your opinion on this. Do you think women are better bosses than men. Do leave your views or share your experience in the comment box.)


  1. This is not the matter of boss or subordinate. They are better managers. A better manager manages in a better way at whatever position he or she is placed at, from home (house wife) to corporate manager (Mrs.Indira Nooyi, Arundhati Bhattacharya etc) to a country manager (Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher etc).

  2. Sarcastic comments given above, there is nothing called good or bad with gender’s. Even male’s are best leaders and sometime women too. It’s all depend upon how a leader’s listen to his team and take it forward, how frequently leader guide and appraise his team matter’s.
    Male and Female doesn’t matter at all.

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