450 BBC newsroom employees to be laid off


Close on the heels of Tony Hall, director general, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), stepping down, the British public service broadcaster has decided to let go of 450 employees in a bid to achieve its saving targets and also adapt to the changing needs of the audience.

The number of presenters will be reviewed, and some jobs will be slashed at 5 Live, the national radio station too.

The broadcasting company has been struggling to handle a demand of equal pay, and its funding model has also been questioned. It is reported that the BBC, which had been spending excessively on traditional linear broadcasting and not investing sufficiently on digital, is trying to achieve a savings target of $ 104 million, that is, £80 million.

As part of the major reorganisation of the Corporation, not only will a morning news magazine programme be wound up, the number of films produced by its leading political news programme, ‘Newsnight’, will also be drastically cut down. With the audiences for traditional television broadcasts fast dwindling, many will be rendered jobless at 5Live too.

The focus will now shift to news stories rather than programmes or platforms. Having been criticised for losing touch with the rest of the nation, BBC will now have more journalists working from outside London.

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