Atos to expand Indian workforce by 15,000 in 1 year

The Company already has a 40,000-strong workforce in India


The 40,000-strong workforce of Atos in India is set to expand by about 15,000 in the next one year. The French technology firm, offering cybersecurity services, is gearing to face the surge in demand, which is already being experienced, thanks to the pandemic. The massive shift to digitisation by organisations across the world and the growing acceptance of the importance of Cloud, has resulted in tremendous growth for the Company.

Atos, which is valued at about €11 billion pumps in close to €400 million in India, every year, on its payroll as well as to skill its employees. The Company is also collaborating with the Indian government on the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM), in terms of providing support for assembling and testing of high-performance computers.

Also, since India is the hub for cybersecurity-related product development, and the Company is investing generously on technological integration, it is not surprising that a significant part of the Company’s revenue comes from India.

With some acquisitions on the cards in Europe, the Company is gearing to expand further. It acquired Paladion in 2020, which already has a strong presence in India.

Atos was in the news quite recently for successfully arranging the digital systems that drove the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, which billions of fans were able to follow, across the globe, amidst the pandemic. The Company was responsible for digital integration as well as operations and programme management at the Olympic Games.

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