JPMorgan Chase facilitates re-entry of workers with criminal past

The Bank hopes to give a 2nd chance to qualified workers with a criminal record through its community-based hiring model


JP Morgan Chase is following a ‘community-based hiring model’ in Columbus, Ohio, under which it will hire qualified workers from diverse backgrounds, including those with criminal backgrounds. This is the Bank’s way of offering such workers a second chance by facilitating their comeback into the active and regular workforce.

The aim is to help remove all hurdles or barriers for those with criminal backgrounds who possess skills and qualifications, to bag secure jobs at the Bank.JP Morgan is part of a league called Second Chance Business Coalition (SCBC), which comprises 29 big organisations that have come together to help those with criminal backgrounds get a second chance at employment in the local economies, workforces and communities.

The Bank has already been working in this direction in Chicago. Now it is trying to collaborate with non-profit organisations in Columbus to take forward its goal of inclusive hiring. It hopes to create a talent pipeline of people with criminal backgrounds in the city, whose track records are in keeping with the regulations and guidelines issued by the industry.

The organisation will tie up with the Centre for Employment Opportunities (CEO), Goodwill Columbus, Columbus Urban League and The Legal Aid Society of Columbus to provide such candidates with support, advice, legal help and mentorship. This collaboration will also provide such job seekers with career coaching, train them via mock interviews, help them create their resumes, and even assess their skills.

The Second Chance hiring model has helped many people with criminal backgrounds lead meaningful lives with secure jobs at the Bank’s Chicago office. This is a step in the direction of criminal justice reforms to ensure that people with a criminal past can get back into the workforce.

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