Tesla to hire over 10,000 people, no college degree required

Tesla to offer jobs to people with only experience and no college degree, also opens up part-time entry level roles for students


Elon Musk believes in going unusual way. This week he announced through a tweet that his company Tesla plans to hire around 10,000 people through all over the next year. His tweet read “Over 10,000 people are needed for Giga Texas just through 2022!” He also revealed the job site is situated just five minutes from the airport, 15 minutes from downtown and right on the Colorado River.

In the same tweet, Musk had retweeted a message from Tesla Owners of Austin, which said “High School Grads: You do not have to have a college degree to work for Tesla. You can work for Tesla straight out of high school.

The tweet quoted Chris Reilly, director, Recruiting & Workforce Development, Tesla saying that the car manufacturer had established relationship with several local colleges such as Austin Community College, Houston Tillotson University, and that the car manufacturer was well known for not requiring college degrees for some of its jobs.

According to Reilly, Tesla has been working with local colleges and planning to recruit students who can graduate from high school and start a career with Tesla while continuing their education.

On the career page of the Tesla website, for jobs across positions, the role and responsibilities are mentioned, but there is no mention of any educational qualification. The same goes for highly technical even roles such as process engineer, but it doesn’t mean that a proper qualification is not required for this job.

The hiring was for the automobile company’s second plant in the US which is expected to operational by the fourth quarter of this year. The new factory shade has been designed to produce Tesla Model Y and Model 3 cars for delivering to the eastern coast.


  1. I believe that the opportunity Elon Musk gives people is awesome, not everyone can continue their education, and at times passion does not meet up with what one would really like to do. Getting out of high school, finding a job and get trained to learn and do something that will satisfy one is unique and all should grab this opportunity. I would if I could find a way to get in.

  2. Is there any hiring for indians, who want to work in TESLA, I want to work in TESLA because i want to use my mind in new designs and stretegy for cars, if there is any availability for indians, so please let me know

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