Uber alumni network is helping laid off staff find work

Hundreds of jobs have been posted on a shared Google spreadsheet called ‘Ex-Uber Marketing’ .


Post lay off of over 400 Uber staff members recently, the Uber alumni network and other tech employees have posted hundreds of job vacancies in a shared Google spreadsheet aptly called ‘Ex-Uber Marketing’.

The spreadsheet already lists 800 job openings and over 300 candidate names.

The spreadsheet was started by Michael Houck, an ex-employee who now works with Airbnb. After losing his job, Houck put up a post on LinkedIn inviting all affected people to connect and help find jobs.

He then created the spreadsheet to document the names and details of those who needed jobs or were on the lookout for candidates. But as he himself admitted, he never thought it would become so popular that it has reached a limit where the number of people allowed to edit it at the same time is restricted. In fact, now former Uber employees are also helping Houck manage the form that he had to launch where people could enter their details, which can then be added to the spreadsheet manually.

Since Uber is a ten-year long company with global operations, its alumni network is not only widespread but also influential. Many Uber alumni are now occupying leadership roles at other companies and some have even launched their own startups over the years. Two former Uber employees created an investor syndicate in 2018, which specifically funds startups created by ex-Uber employees.

The spreadsheet that has come to the rescue of laid off employees posts jobs in companies, such as Airbnb, Adobe, Amazon, Pinterest, WeWork, Yelp, ADT, Anheuser Busch, Volvo, and Walmart.

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