AptoZen launches HaaS to make recruiting simpler and economical


The cloud-based hiring service will eliminate errors from the hiring process and ensure long-term stability.

Due to technological disruption, the way talent is hired today has changed completely from what it was earlier. Today, companies use lot of technology—job boards, employee referrals, applicant tracking systems, social media, personality testing platforms, complex HR systems, conflicting data for hiring talents. But these technological advancements have made the recruitment process more complex rather than simple and easy. Most of the organisations still depend on their gut feeling to hire new talent. Also, these procedures consume a lot of time and money.

Recruiters are finding it difficult to get a suitable and qualified candidate for any open position despite putting the candidate through multiple levels of screening, be it assessments, tests or interviews. They are not sure whether the new hire will do the job efficiently or not.

AptoZen, a San Francisco-based talent acquisition company, has launched an enhanced cloud-based hiring service called HaaS (Hiring as a Service), which helps companies find the right talent quickly and cost efficiently. The company uses its existing data service of sourcing and matching to make hiring less error prone, cost effective and stable for a longer duration.

The company uses robust data models to remove the complexity from sourcing to recruitment and on-boarding of new talent. It combines artificial intelligence and human touch, with team-building experts helping to find the best candidates available, vet their personality and experience, predictively demonstrate their future success and guarantee it, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

AptoZen Haas uses the data collected over 36 years by its parent company, Intrax, to match people with organisations, beyond resumes and arcane job descriptions. Actually, HaaS does pattern matching derived from hundreds of thousands of talent-matching scenarios, which are developed carefully with the help of human decision making. It creates a four-level predictive fit to guarantee a successful hire for companies.

HaaS has been used in the Silicon Valley job market, where the average time to hire was found to be just 22 days. 

AptoZen’s chief revenue officer, Mukund Sundaram said “Our turn-key HaaS offers advantages similar to SaaS — you only use what you need, when you need it. You don’t require expensive technology or need to perform manual repetitive work. Use only what you need and pay less to generate the same outcome. It’s a much more efficient, intuitive and economical way to hire.”

The AptoZen system is comprehensive. It offers technology to track employee referrals, recruit and post jobs, permit experts to talk to every applicant, get professionals to write job descriptions and offer letters, help negotiate salaries and even prepare the new hire for the first day at job.

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