85% women in tech have earned a certificate in programming languages

52% of women in tech who have attained a senior position admit that effective communication skills played a key role in their career advancement


Women in the technology space seek training and development opportunities. In fact, they hold these more important than an attractive salary and other benefits. With digital transformation having been accelerated due to the pandemic, the demand for tech talent has also grown. And women in the tech space are keen to get their certificates.

As per ‘Skillsoft’s 2022 Women in Tech Report – India Region’, a whopping 89 per cent of women working in tech roles are already in possession of a certificate or are in the process of obtaining one.

Clearly, they feel this is an important channel of development.

When these women were asked whether certification had helped them progress in their tech career, a significant 49 per cent replied in the affirmative, admitting that advanced training has improved their quality of work. A good 45 per cent said certification had helped them get more responsibilities, while 41 per cent admitted they could work faster. About 34 per cent give credit to certification for their promotions, while 31 per cent said it helped them find a new job.

On average, almost 90 per cent said they would consider getting certifications in the future so that they can build skills. About 27 per cent admitted they were able to move laterally to other departments due to their certifications. Only 15 per cent said certifications made no difference in their effectiveness.

About 92 per cent of women leading teams are more likely to already have a certification or be working towards one, as compared to those who are not team leaders (82 per cent).

Women employed in core tech companies tend to be more interested in certifications, with 96 per cent of them either already holding a certification or planning to earn one. Only about 88 per cent of those working in non-tech companies are so interested.

Programming languages are the most popular when it comes to the tech-related topic that women are seeking to earn a certification in, for the year 2022. The majority (85 per cent) have earned a certificate in programming languages. About 82 per cent of women in the tech space possess a certification in ITIL/IT service management. This is followed by technical writing, data management, cloud computing and project management, which is opted for by 79 per cent of women each.

About 78 per cent go for application development, about 77 per cent for IT policy and governance, and 77 per cent for DevOps and 76 per cent in business analytics / big data analysis and 74 per cent in networking and wireless.

Cybersecurity, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning are other popular topics, along with leadership management, agile and scrum, as well as virtualisation.

About 53 per cent of women at the senior levels in the tech space do admit that effective communication skills have played an important role in advancing their career.

The survey by Skillsoft covered 1,004 women across India, from the tech industry. These women were in the age range of 18 to 40+. Most of those surveyed belonged to the 30 to 39 age range, with experience of less than five years to more than two decades. Maximum women had work experience of six to 10 years in the tech space. About 34 per cent had experience of less than five years, while five per cent had over 21 years of experience. About 37 per cent had experience of six to 10 years.

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