KNOLSKAPE releases AktivLearn Ver 2.0, Gamified Learning and Engagement Platform


The new release includes a major technology upgrade, important customer requested features and enhances self-service capabilities for reporting and analytics.

KNOLSKAPE, a leading provider of talent transformation solutions for the modern workplace, have announced the release of a major update to AktivLearn, the advanced gamified learning and engagement platform. The updated version enhances its core reporting and analytics features for learners and the Learning and Development (L&D) team. The new version will also boost overall user experience through faster response time, improved navigation and additional learning analytics.

The highlights of this release are:

Wholly integrated web and mobile usage analytics on a single platform
5x faster response time
Integrated Action Learning Projects
Real time monitoring of learning journeys and ALPs
Participation analysis from a single learning component to the overall learning journey, including usage status, platform adoption, region, and learning patterns
Easy-to-navigate admin mode for clients to trace their employee engagement and advancement.
Advanced leaderboards and ability to monitor individual users, including identification of outliers and actions to improve program effectiveness
Comprehensive reporting and analytics, including inputs on journey completion, number of active users, number of active courses, adoption of mobile learning components, heat maps and module level data, to name a few
Real time feedback on learner experience
Vijay Kalangi, Chief Technology Officer, KNOLSKAPE says, “Organizations are becoming more and more data driven, and as the leading provider of talent transformation solutions, it is but natural for KNOLSPAKE to push the boundaries on providing industry best experiences for learners and L&D teams alike, while take learning analytics to the next stage. Our new release of AktivLearn includes important features and analytics to help HR and L&D teams take more data driven decisions.”

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