SHARP introduces product for safe working environment

The 3D Secure – Total Workspace Protection solution provides comprehensive surface protection with ‘Workspace Procat’ and ‘Naturizer’


SHARP, a wholly-owned Indian subsidiary of SHARP Corporation, Japan, has announced the launch of 3D Secure – Total Workspace Protection solution. The advanced disinfection solution comes equipped with a three-pronged action that works powerfully against both surface and air-borne viruses. ‘3D Secure -Total Workspace Protection’ combines the strengths of Workspace Procat, which is a disinfectant coating service, Naturizer, which is a natural salt-based sanitiser maker, and the Plasmacluster Air Purifier. The new solution comes with unique natural advantages and fights bacteria and viruses across all kinds of surfaces and indoor air, providing a clean, fresh and safe environment within the office premises. The solution provides comprehensive protection against germs and viruses and is most effective when used together, helping employees experience a safe working environment.

‘Workspace Procat’ is a photocatalyst liquid spray used to disinfect both surfaces and walls. When exposed to light energy from natural sunlight and visible light, including fluorescent and LED, these surfaces generate strong oxidisation & decomposition powers to deactivate viruses, bacteria, mold, odour and other harmful substances. The solution also comes with anti-deodorant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-fouling properties, and provides round-the-clock protection for 365 days. Moreover, the solution is affordable to even small and medium businesses. The effective cost of covering an office space with 1000 sq. ft of surface area will come to about Rs 1.5 lakh a year.

The Naturizer is a 100 per cent natural and portable sanitiser maker that uses drinking water and table salt to generate sodium hypochlorite water, nature’s super powerful surface disinfectant with 500+ ppm residual chlorine, which removes bacteria, up to 99 per cent within a minute. The natural disinfectant disrupts the cellular structure of bacteria, destroying the cell walls of bacteria and protein coating of viruses. Its low molecular weight makes it effective in penetrating cell walls and reacting faster by destroying the DNA and RNA inside the bacteria and viruses.

Shinji Minatogawa, MD, SHARP Business Systems (India), said, “Sharp believes that workspace protection should not be centered around guesswork; it involves a very specialised and scientific approach. Sharp is committed to ensuring that people stay safe when working together by helping create a stress-free, healthy, safe, and environmentally-protected office space in the new normal, for a simply better life.”

To provide comprehensive protection, and neutralise viruses and bacteria present in indoor air, Sharp has also introduced Plasma Cluster Commercial Air purifiers. They emit positive hydrogen ions and negative oxygen ions through plasma discharge. These ions instantaneously bond on the surface of airborne substances, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and allergens and make highly reactive OH radicals (Hydroxyl radicals) that break down the proteins on the surface of these bacteria and other substances. Sharp Air purifiers mimic mother nature and make the indoor air safe and equivalent to fresh forest air.

Workspace protection in corporate companies has become a necessity for employee health and safety in the new normal.

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