SkillsXchange: Connecting skills with jobs


The site will use intelligent algorithms to help skilled youth find relevant career opportunities and also assist corporates to find the right resources, with the skills tailored for the job requirements. 

SkillsXchange, a differentiated portal is doing the rounds, promising to connect skills with jobs through intelligent algorithms. The new portal has been launched by Globsyn Skills, a JV between Globsyn and National Skill Development Corporation.

The site will allow skilled youth to find relevant career opportunities and corporates to find resources with skills tailored for the job requirements. The portal will provide pre-emptive recommendations to both the skilled youth and the corporates, connecting the right people to the right jobs.

SkillsXchange also allows registered members to locate and enroll in training centers around them and build skills necessary for jobs listed by corporates.

Globsyn is reaching out to various corporates on their resource requirements, and the company claims that around 200 of them will be included in the platform during the first quarter of 2016.

Since 2012, Globsyn Skills has trained over 75,000 trainees across over 490 centres in 21 states. These trainees would be the first of many to benefit from SkillsXchange.

Commenting on the launch of SkillsXchange, Bikram Dasgupta, founder and executive chairman, Globsyn Group, says, “Globsyn’s innovation in the area of education and skills through technology, takes a giant leap today. Globsyn has integrated education and skills with jobs, through the use of technology.”

SkillsXchange is an initiative that intends to provide a self-propelling structure to the skills ecosystem and build a space for all the stakeholders concerned. Globsyn’s virtual labour market exchange platform is aimed at making skills aspirational by promoting ‘Skill Certificate’ as a value driver for industry engagement, and allowing skilled youth to improve their career opportunities through the employment avenues readily made available to them on the platform.

SkillsXchange will bring, to the corporate community, value-added recruitment solutions and would encourage them to recognise the ‘Skill Certificate’ by offering a higher pay grade to those certified.

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