Googlers want forced arbitration to stop

Employees demand an end to this unfair practice.


Employees at Google, through a social media campaign, are demanding that the Company put an end to the practice of forced arbitration. They are rightly demanding that the practice be stopped since it does not allow victims of discrimination to fight for their rights.

The forced arbitration clause prevents employees from taking the legal route, that is, filing a lawsuit against the organisation, in case of any issue, at times without their knowledge. Such clauses are often hidden in contracts and not easily noticed by employees, and without even realising they end up waiving off their rights. As a result, the organisation manages to not only keep proceedings in such cases confidential, but also gets to select the arbitrators giving them an upper hand.

The campaign by Googlers against forced arbitration— on Instagram and Twitter— is attracting support.

A group of Google employees who began this campaign have also been trying to educate others on the adverse impact of forced arbitration on technology workers.

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