1.5 lakh employed directly by Apple in India in 2.5 years

These direct jobs were created post launch of the company’s production-linked incentive scheme for smartphones


Ever since Apple initiated the production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for smartphones over two years ago, it has directly employed over 1.5 lakh people in India. This is in addition to the three lakh indirect jobs that the company has created. Not surprisingly, this makes the Apple ecosystem the highest creator of blue-collar jobs in the country, which is the second largest market for smartphones in the world.

Most of those working for Apple are first-time workers, and therefore, very young, belonging to the 19 to 24 age bracket, as reported by ET.

Almost 3,000 people in India work directly on Apple’s iOS app development, which supports more than a million jobs.

The market slowdown and political situation in the UC and China have only added to the strength of India as a smartphone market.

Apple has been assembling mobile phones in India since 2017. More and more of its components are being manufactured locally in the country. Its contract manufacturers—Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron— have created more than 77,000 direct jobs.

Its supplier network in the country has been a source of livelihood for more than 70,000 people in India. Tata Electronics, Salcomp Technologies, Foxlink and Sunwoda are amongst the important members of this supplier ecosystem.

Not long ago, Apple introduced a women’s health educational programme as part of its $50-million Supplier Employee Development Fund.

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