10 lakh IT jobs in Karnataka in 5 years

The aim is to achieve a target of US$150 billion in IT exports and become a US$300 billion economy by 2025


The Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) is gearing up to ensure that about ten lakh jobs are created in the information technology (IT) sector and related areas in the next five years. The aim is to attract more investments in the IT sector, and achieve a target of US$150 billion in IT exports.

The mission of KDEM is to take the digital economy contribution to GSDP up to 30 per cent and make the economy worth US$300 billion by 2025.

The Karntaka government will work to improve connectivity even to the remote parts of the state, offer electricity 24 x7, and reduce the rural-urban divide by establishing the required infrastructure to strengthen the digital economy.

In an effort to make KDEM industry friendly and allow it to play a more significant role in the economy of Karnataka, the state government has permitted industry associations — National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), the Associated Chambers of Commerce (ASSOCHAM), India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA) and so on — to have 51 per cent stake in the Mission. The state government itself retains only 49 per cent stake in the same, acting as only a facilitator.

With the launch of the ‘Beyond Bengaluru’ project, the involvement and contribution of other regions to the state’s economy will also be focussed on.

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