17 IndiGo employees protest claiming harassment by airport authorities

The airline's management promptly acknowledged the situation and assured the public that they were actively engaging in dialogue with the aggrieved staff members following the attention drawn to this development


It’sApproximately 17 employees of IndiGo, a prominent airline operating at Mumbai Airport, recently embarked on a strike, alleging that they had been subjected to harassment by the airport authorities. This development caught the attention of the airline’s management, who promptly issued a statement acknowledging the situation and assuring the public that they were actively engaged in dialogue with the aggrieved staff members.

In its statement, IndiGo emphasised its unwavering commitment to the well-being and welfare of its employees. It reiterated that one of its core principles was to prioritise the care and support of its workforce. It further emphasised that despite the ongoing strike, the airline’s operations would continue as usual, without any disruption or compromise in service quality.

The political interference in the employees’ union added a complex layer to the strike, as it brought forth deeper implications beyond the immediate grievances of the workers. The involvement of powerful political factions intensified the stakes and potentially complicated the resolution process. As the strike unfolded, the focus shifted not only towards addressing the employees’ concerns but also towards untangling the influence and interference of the political parties involved.

Despite the external factors impacting the strike, IndiGo maintained its steadfast commitment to its employees. It reiterated its dedication to resolving the issue and ensuring that the well-being and interests of its workforce remained a top priority. As negotiations continued, the airline management sought to strike a balance between addressing the employees’ concerns and navigating the complex political landscape that had seeped into the situation.

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