50% of Spocto staff to work from home permanently

The Company has managed to survive without laying off employees, and is actively hiring fresh talent.


In view of the coronavirus pandemic, Spocto, the big data analytics company, has decided to make 50 per cent of its staff work permanently from home.

This decision to impose a permanent work-from-home scenario on its employees was made after the Company evaluated its growth and employee performance during the lockdown period.

The management believes that the WFH model works rather smoothly in providing business continuity without lowering quality or productivity.

The move was also initiated by the Company keeping in mind ‘employee wellness’ as a priority. The WFH arrangement will allow the staff to be with their families, within the safety of their homes and in their respective hometowns, lowering any risk to health.

There was a time when women employees had to leave their jobs, owing to the responsibilities that came with motherhood. But now, in the new normal, Spocto has taken this pandemic as an opportunity to enable new mothers to resume their careers, without having to worry about time away from their babies.

In order to build trust amongst its employees, the Company has organised a virtual scavenger hunt for its employees, which also adds a fun element to their otherwise busy schedule. Such online events bring the employees together virtually and encourage them to participate in activities, where they get to display their talents. This also gives them the opportunity to win gift vouchers in the process.

Spocto has refrained from laying off employees during the pandemic. In fact, it claims to be actively hiring fresh talent.

Established in 2016, Spocto is a big data analytics company that uses machine learning to help solve problems for the banking and financial services industry.

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