A mobile app to help companies connect with employees during crises


The emergency communication system comprises a cloud-based platform and a mobile app.

Employees are the backbone of any organisation and it is important that the employers take care of them, to sustain and grow their business. But how do employers take care of their employees in a crisis, such as flood, hurricane or storm? Aren’t they responsible for communicating with them and helping them be safe in those hours too?

AlertMedia, a technology company, aims to provide a solution to the employers to convey important messages to their employees even during crises or trouble. The company offers an emergency communication system to employers—a cloud-based platform and a mobile app—which sends information through channels, such as text messages, voice mails, push notifications and e-mails, to employees before and during a disaster. 

Actually, the messages are sent through various channels so as to confirm that the message reaches the intended employees for sure. Some employers can make confirmation mandatory by the employees.

The employers can design communications as per the situation, such as for disasters, hurricane evacuation, and so on. These pre-planned messages can be sent to every employee listed on the database by the benefit executives, who can add C-suite, HR or other high-level employees as administrator to the system.

Also, the system dashboard helps employers see how effective their communications are in real time.

Employees need to download the AlertMedia Pro which is the iOS- and Android-enabled mobile app to receive information from the employer. Employees need to have a corporate account to login to the app and use the services.

Companies, such as Greyhound, DHL, AT&T and Volkswagen in around 80 countries are using this communication system.

They can buy the services of this communication system as per their needs. For instance, an organisation wishing to monitor the drivers of the vehicles, can use services, such as apps, e-mails and text messages, because they are in a drive.

Also, services can be availed as per the size of the company.  The pricing of services depends on the company size and the number of communication options availed. A company may spend from a couple of cents to about $1.50 per employee, each month.

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