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Here’s why you should gamify employee engagement

All work and no play has never worked, especially, when it comes to employee engagement! The word ‘engagement’ itself suggests ‘being in it’ and...

Being part of a team increases engagement levels: Study

It is common knowledge that there is a lot of strength in teamwork. However, what organisations do not realise is that working in teams...

How companies are leveraging technology to build candidate relationship

All companies wish to be known for their top notch candidate relationship management (CRM). Building a strong relationship with passive or active candidates and...

Bajaj Auto’s ‘Flying Start Leadership Programme’

Bajaj Auto is leading the change by staying ahead of companies in the industry. How? From its innovation labs, it is tenaciously generating ideas...

Infosys opts to engage with employees through sports

Infosys is all set to enhance its brand image, not only with clients but also with its employees, by partnering with international tournaments, such...

Barco India moving from ‘controlling’ to ‘connecting’

Employees are the biggest asset for a company, and employee relations is growing in importance with the new generation joining the workforce. Many industries...

Intuit India – Creating a sense of belongingness

Quickly gulping the morning meal, rushing through the daily newspaper and readying for office is common routine for urban professionals. This can be a...

Dear Diary…

The good old diary has been the source of many stories. Films have been based on the experiences noted down in the diaries and...

Tata Sky tells its employees to ‘Be your own CEO’

Companies love appreciating and encouraging their best performers. And why not? After all, it is these people who become the building blocks of an...

Never a boring day at Titan

Coffee-break conversations can be rather random. Our group went into discussing lifestyle products and brands. One of my colleagues initiated an informal survey of...

7000 Bacardi employees interact with bar staff

Bacardi, the privately held family-owned spirits company, completed 157 successful years recently. To mark the occasion and as part of the ‘Back to Bar’...

Can Artificial Intelligence peep into the hearts and minds of the...

The HR personnel in any organisation work hard to put the right talent in place. They also help arrange for the new entrants to...

Hyatt: How in the world would one motivate a chef?

The hospitality industry has a very different set of employees — not the regular nine to five office goers. This business operates 24x7 and...

‘Fevicol ka Jod’ at the workplace: Pidilite’s strategy to bind its...

One of the most difficult tasks as an HR head, is to create a strong bond between employees. In a country such as India,...

How to up productivity during festive months

With the festive season already having kicked in, people are soaking in the spirit of merrymaking. However, the energy, enthusiasm and festive aura is...

Tune in to the radio frequency for employee engagement

‘Frequency’ is aimed to foster employee engagement, while sharing internal developments and new processes within the firm.

How effective is your recognition programme?

A recognition programme is all about the emotional connect and not about the number of appreciation notes exchanged or the number of people logged onto the platform. 

How to get started with a new-age rewards and recognition tool

R&R is widely accepted as an important engagement tool and it is easy to implement a basic system for rewards and recognition, provided there is constant involvement from HR

Happy employees contribute to better profits, says global report

The financial returns are higher for companies taking care of their employees, reveals a report by Globoforce WorkHuman and IBM Smarter Workforce.

Reality check: How much do organisations value eNPS?

While the level of customer engagement is seen as an important metric to plan business strategy, measuring the level of employee engagement is left in hindsight.

The topography of employee engagement

One may argue that a happy employee is an engaged employee, however, these are two entirely different facets and the former may or may not lead to the latter

Now, an AI that can take on the HR’s job

Marcel, designed with people-first benefits and experiences in mind, will keep Publicis Groupe’s 80,000 employees connected to one.

How authentic are employee satisfaction surveys?

Do organisations have efficient employee satisfaction surveys (ESS) that assess and bring out factual results about employee happiness in the workplace or is it just another tick-in-the-box?

Employees using social media during work hours to while away time

While social-media apps may help engage employees and share knowledge with them, they may also distract them and cause decrease in productivity.

How Aegon Life Insurance equips employees to make better financial decisions

Financial planning sessions were conducted in collaboration with Arthayantra, to build awareness about financial wellbeing and empower its employees to plan their financial goals and achieve them through effective implementation.

A mobile app to help companies connect with employees during crises

The emergency communication system comprises a cloud-based platform and a mobile app.

Microland’s employee mobile app to enhance business productivity and collaboration

The app aims to create a digitally enhanced and connected workspace.

Why it is important to appoint a ‘vibe manager’

These managers ensure the workplace is trendy enough for its employees, which, in turn, ensures better productivity.

How different is employee engagement from employee experience?

Are employee engagement and experience two sides of the same coin or is there something that differentiates the two? HRKatha finds out.

Perks unheard: Yearly vacation stipend and four-day weeks during summer

Basecamp provides its employees a $5,000 annual vacation stipend along with shortened four-day, 32-hour weeks during summer.

Employee engagement goes socially responsible: Zerodha’s flea market

With earnings from its stalls, the company has funded education and upbringing of four underprivileged girls through Action Aid.

Flipkart gets a new CEO: Only for a day

As part of a special initiative, Padmini Pagadala, an associate director at Flipkart, was the acting CEO and worked closely with Kalyan Krishnamurthy on April 25

AccorHotels India Awards recognises employee excellence

AccorHotels recently awarded some of its best talent in a ceremony held at the Novotel Goa Shrem Hotel.

Mercer to acquire Thomsons Online Benefits

Thomsons is a SaaS provider of global employee benefits and employee engagement software. Its platform, Darwin™ for automated employee benefits administration has over 1 million worldwide users.

How are tenure loyalists different from professional loyalists

The recent sensational corporate controversy at Tata Group raises a question on employee loyalty and its types. 

Re-thinking employee engagement holistically

The engagement model should encompass the important elements that can involve the employee in the growth of the company.

The Employee Engagement Lifeboat

Varying from poor to great, employee engagement can be nurtured and increased phenomenally, or lost and thrown away.

Why HR needs an agile mindset

At a time when being fast, nimble and connected, can ‘make or break’ a business, can HR as a function afford a rigid mindset? The answer to that is undoubtedly, ‘No’!

Employee engagement never failed; It simply changed

Businesses across the globe are all trying to build an inclusive, energetic and multigenerational team. With a world moving into a new era, ‘engaging people’ emerged as one of the biggest competitive differentiators in business.

The Happiness Conclave: Defining happiness@work

While employee happiness is intrinsic to employees, employee engagement is driven by the employer. How can the two be juxtaposed to create a utopian culture?

Engagedly and ADP launch a new performance management app

The app’s feedback and developmental approach to performance management leads to higher employee engagement and a performance-driven culture.


Engagement without purpose is a futile exercise

Socially responsible organisations are more attractive and engaging workplaces for employees across hierarchies 


New Year Special: Gender diversity to take centre stage in 2016

New technologies, data analytics and social networks are expected to have a deeper impact on how people communicate, collaborate and work. Are organisations prepared for the new workplace? 

People Business brings Nexus to India

Unlike the 'top down' approach of a traditional survey, Nexus ignites engagement at the bottom of the organisation.

Indian workforce show higher level of engagement vis-à-vis global & APAC

Around 46 per cent of Indian employees demonstrated high level of engagement with their organisations, the survey conveyed. In comparison, at the APAC level, around 35 per cent of employees were found to be fully engaged, whereas globally, it was 34 per cent. 

Wipro organises virtual hackathon for its employees

Over 250 team of Wipro employees from across the globe collaborated remotely with their teammates to design and develop apps for multiple platforms and languages.

Thank God It’s Monday!

While companies worldwide have a happy hour on Friday to end the week on a good note, Jabong tries to reverse  this trend, making Monday the most happening day at work.

Why are enterprise social networks ineffective?

Employees must be able to fearlessly criticise any policy or view without being censured or admonished.



How can organisations up their DevOps upskilling game

DevOps is defined as a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organisation's ability to deliver applications and services faster and...

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Cat naps can increase productivity!

Risposo in Italy, inemuri in Japan or simply siesta in Spain and other countries— call it what you may, but research has shown that...

Make Monday a ‘Fun’ day

The noun 'blues' refers to a 'sad' feeling, and has nothing to do with the colour blue. This feeling may arise from laziness or...

Eli Lilly plays guardian angel to its employees

In the pharma industry, the sales team comprises remote workers. The work of these salespeople generally requires them to travel, usually on two wheelers,...


Mastek says, ‘You are your own boss’

Mastek 4.0 was born when Sudhakar Ram, former group CEO and managing director, Mastek, was inspired by a book called Reinventing Organisations, by Frederic...

ThoughtWorks to train women techies and help them resume work after career break

Global software consultancy, ThoughtWorks, will be hosting a technical training programme for women technologists, who wish to return to the programming world after a...

India’s 3E challenge – Education, Employment, Employability – An apprenticeship looking glass

A recent survey revealed close to 76% of Indians view dearth of employment avenues as a ‘very big problem’. And a controversial leaked NSSO report...

Over 250 candidates receive job offers at India’s first LGBTI job fair

The first ever job fair meant for the benefit of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) community in the country, was organised...



“A true leader is not dependent on title or designation,” Dwarakanath

It was a Friday afternoon, when the HRKatha team got the opportunity to meet a man who is not just a recognised leader but...

“Successful women are ambitious and focussed on their careers,” Shalini Pillay

She understands the imperatives for an organisation from a talent perspective. She possesses the consulting skills required to provide solutions. She is also a...

“Automation will create a multiplier effect in the economy, which people don’t understand,” Ravi...

Automation and the volatile behaviour of workers have brought in a lot of challenges for HR in the changing automobile industry, which is now...