How this company uses traditional & new-age methods for employee happiness

A new-age OTT solutions company, Quickplay Media uses age-old internal talent-engagement methods along with high-tech platforms to ensure a happy working environment.


Quickplay media is a company that specialises in OTT (over-the-top) platform solutions. The organisation provides three product classes to better OTT client experience, mainly focused around cloud-transformation services for streaming and live sports content.

We sat down with the Company’s vice president of people, Krystal Brendel to discuss some of the corporate practices in the organisation related to the people function.

Brendel and her team take care of a broad range of responsibilities at the Company. Starting all the way from recruitment – internships and employee branding, agency partnerships, labour contracts— to onboarding responsibilities such as learning and development, performance management, benefits administration and employee engagement. They also manage the exit process, exit interviews, eNPS, happiness checks and general legal formalities related to the same.

As a part of their onboarding responsibilities, the organisation takes on the responsibility of creating internal upskilling and reskilling programmes for its employees. Brendel mentions that the need for these internal programmes stem from the unique nature of their product. Employees have to understand the intricacies of working around and with the products to be able to develop and grow within the organisation.

Individual departments within the organisation create department-specific initiatives to help develop existing employees and bring newcomers up to speed.

Interestingly, Brendel mentions that the company will pay for online courses required by employees at an individual level, if the courses align with their role in the organisation and add to the overall development of the employee. The new skills and knowledge acquired by the employees can be leveraged to better the performance of the individual and the company as a whole.

To avail this benefit, the employees have to get the course approved by their supervisors on the aforementioned lines. Once approved, they will have to send the link to have it paid for and finish the course.

Internships are a way the company has ensured that it maintains a consistent fresh flow of talent. Quickplay has tied up with colleges around its Chennai offices in India to give the students the opportunity to work in a new tech setup.

As a tech forward company, it only makes sense for Quickplay to have an HR tech partner that suits the intricate needs of a company. Brendel talks about the value an HRM system provides companies with, in terms of automation and accessibility.

Along with being able to complete common HR functions, Quickplays HR tech partner provides Brendel and her team with a common platform for employees to be able to run eNPS surveys as well as happiness checks on a regular basis.

The system allows the team to make short surveys, asking simple employee experience-related questions to give the people team at Quickplay a broad understanding of employee happiness and well-being in the organisation.

The people team at Quickplay leveraged the advantages one gets with an HRM mobile app. The ability to have a well-functioning mobile app provides employees better access to the records and surveys made by Brendel and her team, on the go.

Brendel and her team value the ability to have an HR system with a team behind it that listens to the changes they need to make to make the platform suit the needs of the company’s employees.

Another application that the people team at Quickplay enjoy using is a spot bonus platform that lets employees give out bonuses to their coworkers.

Each employee gets a stipulated amount at the start of the month as points on the app and can give them out to those they appreciate or have done good work around the organisation.

Quickplay has automated certain bonuses, such as birthday and anniversary bonuses for each employee to encourage them to spend on themselves.

This is another way Brendel and her team use technology to ensure that the employees work in a happy work environment.

A young company, trying to figure its way around its market, Quickplay Media is a stellar example for how new organisations have started using traditional internal programmes in combination with high-tech solutions to keep employees engaged and motivated in the workplace.

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