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Employee happiness reduces with increase in commute times: Study

The more time it takes to commute to work, the less happy employees become, as per a study by Tracking Happiness. When respondents were asked...

BYJU’s introduces new leave policy

BYJU’s has announced a major updation in its leave policy. To make employee happiness, work-life integration, flexibility, and workplace sensitivity a priority at the...

Hello Happiness – RPG’s way of life

It all started in 2015, when RPG Group — the Indian conglomerate with diverse businesses in various sectors, with CEAT tyres being one of...

“Working from anywhere brings true happiness to our white-collared staff,” Indrajeet...

Happiness@work is a regular series where HRKatha talks about how companies are ensuring happiness at work. With work stress and employee mental wellbeing becoming...

Being part of a team increases engagement levels: Study

It is common knowledge that there is a lot of strength in teamwork. However, what organisations do not realise is that working in teams...

Happy employees contribute to better profits, says global report

The financial returns are higher for companies taking care of their employees, reveals a report by Globoforce WorkHuman and IBM Smarter Workforce.

The topography of employee engagement

One may argue that a happy employee is an engaged employee, however, these are two entirely different facets and the former may or may not lead to the latter

Landmark Group launches employee-led Happiness Movement

The movement is designed to impact over 20,000 Landmarkers across India.

24/7 happiness assistance for CARS24 employees

The employees of CARS24 can seek assistance for any kind of issues, personal, emotional or official at any point of the day.

How different is employee engagement from employee experience?

Are employee engagement and experience two sides of the same coin or is there something that differentiates the two? HRKatha finds out.

THC 2.0: Can technology aid happiness among employees?

A panel at The Happiness Conclave 2.0 discussed whether technology really helps iron out the inconveniences of employee work-life or is more intrusive. 

Now study connects love-making with employee happiness

College of business under the Oregon State University conducted a survey among 159 married employees every day for two weeks. The married couples were asked to complete two brief surveys each day.

Beat workplace stress: Nestle allows pet dogs in UK factory

The Switzerland headquartered multinational has decided to open its doors to pets, agreeing to the fact that dogs are workplace stress busters.

Hitachi to launch AI-based wearable device to enhance employee happiness

The company began the month-long trial of this device on June 27 where in 600 members of Hitachi sales team were made to wear the product.

How CCD keeps store employees happy to deliver customer delight

Balachandar N, group director-HR got a small Café Coffee Day team to share their experiences working with the brand and talk about their happiness quotient.

The Happiness Conclave: Defining happiness@work

While employee happiness is intrinsic to employees, employee engagement is driven by the employer. How can the two be juxtaposed to create a utopian culture?

Dubai- based company sets up ‘happiness fund’ for its employees

The fund will be financed by employees through voluntary contributions.

Why a coaching culture and not any other culture?

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,”...


Ukraine has lost 30% of employment, 4.8 million jobs: ILO

The crisis in Ukraine has caused disruptions in the economy and massive internal displacement. Not only have jobs been lost but there has been...

How Lam Research India leverages BEI technique in its hiring process

It is natural for organisations across the world to want to ensure that their hiring processes are strong enough to make the right hiring...

Lenovo India and TNSIF train and place 150 youth

About 150 students from colleges in Puducherry trained under the ‘Campus to Corporate Careers’ programme organised by the tie-up between Lenovo India and TNS...

Airtel to hire 500 digital engineers in Pune

Airtel plans to open a new technology centre in Pune and is looking to increase its in-house digital engineering capabilities. This new technology hub...


“Being good to everyone is being unjust to performers,” Mathew Job, CEO, Crompton

Q. In today’s times, what’s more challenging for a CEO like you — profit & business growth, talent & people, diversification, compliance or managing...

“A CEO needs to acknowledge the silent majority who create the company’s fortunes” S...

Q. RPG is a diversified group with businesses spread across sectors and domains. however, its brands have a strong individual identity unlike other business...

“If CEO is the father of an organisation, CHRO is the mother,” Pankaj Lochan

Q. You have been shuttling between HR and manufacturing roles. Was it a well-thought out strategy or did you just go with the flow...