BYJU’s introduces new leave policy

All women employees can take up to 12 days of period leave annually, as per the calendar


BYJU’s has announced a major updation in its leave policy. To make employee happiness, work-life integration, flexibility, and workplace sensitivity a priority at the company, the edtech company has introduced period leave and child-care leave for its employees.

Henceforth, every employee who has at least one kid of up to 12 years of age, will be entitled to child-care leave on various occasions. The leaves can also be split into half-day leaves.

Additionally, up to 12 days of period leave will be given to the women in the workforce, annually, as per the calendar. This is a step towards making the workplace and culture of the Company better and inclusive.

Under the new maternity leaves policy, in addition to the 26 weeks of paid leave, the Company offers its employees an additional 13 weeks of unpaid leave. For new fathers, the number of paternity leaves has been increased from seven to 15 days. This new policy allows new parents the assured flexibility and security to bond with their children in the early years of life.

“At BYJU’S, it is our constant endeavour to create an environment where employees feel valued, supported and cared for. We are committed to building a healthy and inclusive culture for all employees, and the roll out of this upgraded leave policy is a step in that direction. We look forward to building a more positive and compassionate work environment for today’s workforce,” says Pravin Prakash, chief people officer, BYJU’S.

Workshops on yoga, dance and art are a few other ways in which BYJU’S has been promoting the importance of self-care amongst employees, and helping them unplug and recharge. The organisation has also launched ‘BYJU’S Let’s Talk’, an employee- wellness programme that provides access to 24×7 one-on-one online counselling.

That’s not all. BYJU’S also has regular check-ins and virtual meetups where employees can connect with each other, fostering a healthy work culture and an environment of trust and support.

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