“Working from anywhere brings true happiness to our white-collared staff,” Indrajeet Sengupta, CHRO, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages

The focus has been on developing talent and employee wellbeing during the pandemic


Happiness@work is a regular series where HRKatha talks about how companies are ensuring happiness at work. With work stress and employee mental wellbeing becoming a major cause of concern for many Indian companies, happiness of employees at work is something which can result in better engagement, stronger bonds, improved employee health and overall productivity.

Indrajit Sengupta, CHRO, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages (Coca Cola India), talks to Prajjal Saha, founder & editor, HRKatha, on what the organisation does to keep its employees happy in the new world of work. What’s interesting is that brand Coca Cola itself stands for happiness, and Sengupta reveals how happiness is at the core of its organisation culture.

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Sengupta talks about the first lockdown period when they ensured psychological safety of their people by not cutting jobs, salaries or bonuses.

The Company also focused on the career and talent development of its people. Coca-Cola has used the lockdown period to develop skills and increase the number of hours in digital training. These initiatives have helped people to be relevant, and as Sengupta shares, their engagement scores have also reflected the same. The firm also believes that it is really important to create customised experiences for different types of employees, coming from different backgrounds.

Coca-Cola has focused on ensuring safety at their plants and corporate offices during the pandemic to safeguard the employees, shares Sengupta.


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