Driving innovation is imperative to any organisation looking for growth. Recognising this, Future Generali India Life Insurance or FGILI has designed unique programmes to drive its people who form the fulcrum of the Company. In an exclusive conversation with HRKatha,...
How many of you get up in the morning and ask yourselves ‘Am I physically fit to run my life?’ I am sure not many. We are so involved in our mundane work that it just slips our mind...
From British India to Free India and now Tech India, Raymond has seen it all. Born in 1925 and now just a few years left to complete a century, the Company has transformed from being an Indian textile business...
For decades companies have followed the classroom model to get their employees to imbibe the values and culture of the organisation. But the results have been far from satisfactory, as what is discussed in the classroom is rarely practised...
Coffee-break conversations can be rather random. Our group went into discussing lifestyle products and brands. One of my colleagues initiated an informal survey of sorts to quantify the group’s brand preference. Titan watches, Titan-Eye glasses, Tanishq bangles, Taneira sarees…...
An employee passes away after a mishap survived by an only child and ageing parents. It is up to the old parents to take care of the child, as the mother is already separated from the family as a...
Change is brought about not with words but through actions. In the race to become successful, many of us lag behind in terms of fitness and health. Stressful work and unusual working hours make it challenging for people to...
Anwar Sheikh, a store assistant at Mahindra Holidays & Resorts, shares his story in a video which was made to celebrate the International Disability Day and was posted by Prashant Khullar, CHRO, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts. Sheikh who suffers...
This is an organisation where a candidate is welcomed by the chairman of the company and at the end of the interview,the chairman also escorts the candidate out as a positive gesture. Milind Apte, SVP HR, CEAT Tyres limited...
Nathan SV, partner and chief talent officer, Deloitte India, shared his experience when he enrolled for his organisation’s employee community service initiative known as ‘Impact day’, for the first time. He had no clue about what the impact day...
Munazza Kasmani grew up in Pakistan in a conservative family, where girls getting access to higher education and even simplest of things such as riding a bicycle was a big thing. She broke the stereotype with the support of her...
They are hardly appreciated or recognised by their employers and organisations for their hard work. We are talking of employees who are at the lowest rung of the hierarchy. Take the case of delivery boys in an online retail...
The hospitality industry has a very different set of employees — not the regular nine to five office goers. This business operates 24x7 and has people with unique skills and job profiles. However, the regular HR challenges — engagement...
One of the most difficult tasks as an HR head, is to create a strong bond between employees. In a country such as India, where people come from various backgrounds and cultures, the task becomes trickier. At the same...

‘Frequency’ is aimed to foster employee engagement, while sharing internal developments and new processes within the firm.

Its recently-launched SMILEs app has helped the Company connect better with its workforce.

The startup has devised hiring strategies to bring the right talent on board and nurture them to grow in the organisation.

The primary objective was to instil confidence among employees of its newly-acquired Japanese company and create a common vision for all stakeholders. 

Casual fun and innovativeness combined with the required level of seriousness towards business can keep employees motivated, disciplined and loyal.

The programme aimed at offering flexibility at work, brings in the ‘fun’ element for its young workforce, and also helps them build a future.

Rajendra Mehta, chief people officer, who joined DHFL towards the end of 2016, implemented several development initiatives to champion the people’s cause and enhance employee productivity. 

The organisation promoted transparency and created several communication campaigns at different stages to drive the transition process. 

The Company offers a chance to appeal the decision before being fired, but employees have reportedly described the panel as a 'kangaroo court'. 

The Company has identified formal and informal influencers from amongst its employees, and equipped them with a formal change agenda.

The company believes that it will be a big step towards promoting diversity and improving employee experience and will be extended to other OYO offices as well.

Microsoft’s diversity initiative, Leap, is now being extended to women who want to return to work - women who had paused their careers to raise children or care for loved ones.

It is an alternative intellectual hub for India, which will facilitate dialogical engagement with the academia, the creative industries, the corporate world and not-for-profit sectors.

The company organises this loyalty test annually, which comes with a payout of Rs 3.4 lakh.

The professional world celebrated Mother’s Day in interesting ways, to make the employees or their mothers feel special.

‘Your success, Our success’ is the company philosophy, but there is a lot that goes into actually making people succeed and align individual success with business success.

In the VUCA world, the Company relies on scalability to help it sail through.

Replacing talent in big numbers every other month was a daunting fight for the Company till it became part of NEESA.

The Awards are a prestigious recognition of excellence in the Sulekha Way of Working.

The health insurance company recently launched an initiative called ‘Candidate Pulse’ to capture real-time feedback from its prospective employees.

The initiative aims to grant employees the freedom to choose benefits based on their individual need covering both insurance & non-insurance options and accordingly customise a relevant benefit plan.

The movement is designed to impact over 20,000 Landmarkers across India.

The Group allows its employees to choose from five different coloured uniforms, each of which depicts its five values.

Adobe India has achieved gender pay parity in its workforce.

The programme will focus on mentorship and development of people through regular conversations and learning interventions.

The car maker organised this two-day programme to discuss the best HR practices in the industry and ways to nurture these within the organisation.

From a shorter and better recruitment process, to hiring retired professionals and paid foreign trips for the non-gazetted staff, Indian Railways is setting new benchmarks as an employer.

The Company realises that the youth need to have the right skills to be able to take advantage of the large-scale employment opportunities in the automotive sector  

The employees of CARS24 can seek assistance for any kind of issues, personal, emotional or official at any point of the day.

A century-old real estate company Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) follows very simple practices to welcome returning mothers.

The daily afternoon flash mob at Canon India helps re-activate people at an hour when most tend to get lazy.

The bank strongly focusses on developing and engaging its young and highly vibrant staff.

Financial planning sessions were conducted in collaboration with Arthayantra, to build awareness about financial wellbeing and empower its employees to plan their financial goals and achieve them through effective implementation.

An equal opportunity employer, the company has been consciously working towards creating a diverse, safe, and women-friendly work culture and environment.

Through an optimal combination of technological efficiency and human touch, the organisation is helping the stakeholders realise their true potential and move forward.

The programmes are specifically to help leaders understand the various inflection points in their careers and the steps to be taken to successfully tide over them.