This food-delivery app wants all employees to deliver food, even the CEO!

Some engineers in the company are not happy with the move


DoorDash, an American food-delivery platform, is asking all its employees — from engineers to senior executives and even Tony Xu, the CEO of the company — to deliver food to customers once a month, starting from January 2022.

The food-delivery app was founded in 2018 and since its inception, the Company had a programme in place called WeDash, wherein all employees in the company will step into the shoes of their delivery partners and deliver food once a month.

The programme was discontinued during the pandemic because of health-related concerns. Now the Company is again planning to start this programme from 2022.

The money earned by all non-delivering employees through such a ‘Dash’, will be donated to a non-profit organisation.

However, some of the employees in the company are not really happy about the move of the company to restart the WeDash programme. A DoorDash employee posted on Blind — a social-media platform for techies where one can put up anonymous posts — with a heading ‘DoorDash making engineers deliver food’, where more than 1500 people commented. One of the employees also commented that he had not signed up for this and that it was not mentioned at the time of joining.

Those employees who have genuine reasons to not participate in this programme are allowed exemption.

One of the spokespersons from the company had said in the media that the programme is being reinstated so that employees can understand the challenges faced by the business and how to overcome or solve them.

Some of the comments on the post were positive too, lauding this unique initiative by the Company. Many said that it is a good move and would help the employees get into the shoes of lower-paid employees in the company.

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