Infosys warns employees against moonlighting


After Rashid Premji tweeted that moonlighting is comparable to cheating, a huge debate had started in the industry. While some industry leaders favoured moonlighting, others were against this practice.

Now, an internal email sent to employees at Infosys warns them against indulging in moonlighting. If they do, they can lose their job at Infosys.

TOI reports that Infosys has conveyed to the workforce that it will not allow dual employment and that it goes against the code of conduct of the Company and the policies mentioned in the employee handbook. The mail was sent to employees on 12 September with the subject line, ‘No two timing – No moonlighting.’

The mail goes on to mention that the employment contract clearly mentions that no employee can indulge in any dual employment outside their working hours without the consent of the organisation.

While Infosys and Wipro are openly against moonlighting, Swiggy, the food aggregator platform has rolled out a progressive moonlight policy allowing its employees to take up third-party projects outside their usual working hours and on weekends. In fact, Swiggy has become the first Indian employer to allow moonlighting, on the condition that the project taken up by the employees should not conflict with the business of Swiggy and is subject to internal approval by the firm’s management. Swiggy clearly does not wish to dictate what its employees do beyond their working or duty hours.

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