How Innovaccer plans to be a brand worth flaunting on resumes

40 per cent positions at Innovaccer are filled internally


Innovaccer, a San Francisco-based data-activation platform and healthcare technology company, has plans to expand its employee base by a substantial percentage. As per Sonali Damle, chief people officer, Innovaccer, the Company currently has over 100 vacancies and this number will increase month on month. The Company already has an employee base of more than 1200 people in India and the US.

On the lookout for some of the best talent across functions — from tech roles to business-enablement functions — Damle states, the Company is desperately in search for data scientists and data analytics professionals, engineering professionals, design experts, content marketers and demand-generation professionals. Apart from this, it also wants to double its people-experience team to fulfil the needs of its employees in learning, creating new opportunities and wellness.

While the firm is on the lookout for talent across the globe, its major focus is on expanding its India teams.

Innovaccer believes in building the internal talent pipeline, where 40 per cent of job roles are filled by internal promotions and transfers. It recently laid the foundation for the Innovaccer Learning Academy, where they internally intake over 200 engineers who are trained in various technical skills before they graduate as software development engineers, to be deployed into various tech roles within the Company.

With a strong belief in hiring a fair share of fresh talent, Innovaccer has its internship programme, called ‘InnoGeek’, under which people who are about to graduate learn about the processes at Innovaccer.

Training for new hires at Innovaccer begins from day one. The onboarding module teaches everyone the basics of US Healthcare, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996 in US), the various offerings Innovaccer has and exactly how they work, as well as how the Company itself functions.

“Our employee value proposition has clear and well-defined initiatives — the litmus test to being a name people would desire to see on their resumes”

Sonali Damle, chief people officer, Innovaccer

Innovaccer keeps adding new topics, research, and more to its academy and shares them with the entire workforce through confluence and e-mails to keep everyone apprised of anything new in the organisation and the industry.

“It requires effort and dialogue to create a burning platform for managers to prioritise a ‘people-first mindset’” says Damle.

She points out that the talent market is very much volatile at present. The pandemic has made people think about their passion and pushed them to take bold and even high-risk decisions. At the same time, people also have a sense of financial security.

The healthcare company places a lot of faith in its employee referrals and inbound requests to work for the company.

Some of the key differentiators for Innovaccer that make it stand apart in the talent market are:

Flexibility to work in an environment that fuels effectiveness

Clear growth path

New challenges and responsibilities to take on the most impactful and visible projects

Sponsorship ‘spine’ that can fast-track careers

Cutting-edge learning environment with the best-in-class coaches, teams and mentors, that ensure upskilling

“Our employee value proposition has clear and well-defined initiatives — the litmus test to being a name people would desire to see on their resumes,” mentions Damle.

Other things that make the workplace at Innovaccer more exciting for its employees are the regular focus on mental health, Yoga and laughter sessions, and even an inhouse music band to keep its people happy and engaged at work.

As an innovation centre, the Company seeks people who are passionate about making a difference, dreamers who can believe the unthinkable is in the realm of the possible and doers who wish to bring this into the realm of the possible. “Such people are always in the flow. They can focus intensely on the work at hand for hours, oblivious to the world around them. They are stuck in the ‘cold coffee’ moment – where they have the same drink heated multiple times because they are so engrossed in their work,” says Damle.

It is the Company’s belief that a strong talent strategy depends on finding the right talent that aligns with the mission of the organisation, has the skills to solve complex problems and is capable of executing the tasks at hand.

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