AAI employees hold nationwide protest

Members of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) are protesting against Authority’s proposal to cut employee perks and allowances


Joint Forum of Unions and Association of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) have launched a protest against the AAI management as of July 6. The forum’s significant strength, which is over 17,000 across the country, will protest the scheduled deferral of the employee perks and allowances. The AAI management will discuss the deferral in a board meeting scheduled for July 7.

The Airport Authority Employee Union (AAEU) has issued a letter, signed by Balraj Singh Ahlawat, General Secretary of the union, which says: “Joint Forum of AAI shall refrain from holding lunch hour demonstrations if management defers the Board meeting which is going to be held on July 7, 2021, to take a decision on perks and allowances deferment.”

The Forum consists of officials of the Airports Authority Employees Union, CNS Officers Guild, Air Traffic Controllers Guild, Airports Authority of India Engineers Guild, International Airports Authority of India Officers Association, Air Controllers Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Association, and AAI SC/ST Employees Welfare Association-I.

They had made clear their intentions of hosting a protest when the talks of the unexpected pay cut had first surfaced in June. On June 19, they had warned of taking “industrial action” against the management if they went ahead with the proposal of the deferral, labelling it “unscientific” during various video conferences held with the management. In a letter previously issued, they had expressed that the salary reduction would prove to be unfavourable for the industry and the people working in it, who already are burdened by the losses incurred during the pandemic.

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