Airbnb’s Bengaluru tech hub to create local, skilled jobs

The tech centre will offer opportunities to engineers and techies


Airbnb has announced fresh investment in India in the form of its new technology hub in Bengaluru. This is part of the Company’s ongoing investment in the country.

The Bengaluru technology hub aims to create local, skilled jobs, and cater to a few hundred people initially before expanding further.

In the words of Nathan Blecharczyk, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Airbnb, “The opening of this technology hub will further our ongoing investment in the nation and is testament to our long-term vision for growing our business locally into the future”.

Being committed to serving a global community and various stakeholders, Airbnb has always tried to invest in countries and communities around the world, and create opportunities for locals in the process.

In its endeavour to build a diverse workforce, Airbnb tries to tap into talent pools worldwide that will contribute to its innovation efforts.

This new tech hub “will bolster our ability to serve our global community, while also providing fresh opportunities for talented local engineers and tech specialists,” says Blecharczyk

Ari Balogh, chief technology officer, Airbnb, is confident that the “Bengaluru hub will enable us to work with some of the brightest tech talent in India while allowing Airbnb to continue to evolve our technical foundations and build truly exceptional experiences for guests and Hosts on the platform.”

Amanpreet Bajaj, general manager for India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Airbnb, reiterates that the Company is “committed to working with government and other stakeholders to drive economic growth in India and help build more resilient communities, both through tourism and direct investment”.

This will be an opportunity for local talent to grow and also contribute to “the region’s burgeoning reputation as a tech centre of excellence”.

Deepak Bagla, Invest India’s CEO and managing director, is glad that with pandemic-related restrictions being lifted, “India will once again resume its position as an attractive tourist destination for global travellers”. He feels that this new tech hub couldn’t have come at a better time. “I am particularly enthused that the technology hub will foster India’s burgeoning innovation talent pool,” he said.

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