Assam govt to absorb returning migrant workers 

More than 200 workers have already been registered under the SAMPARKA initiative.


To accommodate the nearly 1.25 lakh migrant workers who have moved back to the state during the lockdown, the Assam government is relying on a multi-pronged strategy.   It has rolled out an initiative called SAMPARKA, short for Software Application for Migrated People to Assam for Rejuvenating Karma Abhiyan. Over 200 workers have already been registered under the same.  

Data will be collected at the Panchayat level including when and from where these workers have come; whether they hold MGNREGA job cards; the skill sets they possess; and whether they would like to work for MGNREGA. This data will be shared with all government departments for engagement under MGNREGA, and also with relevant industries who may employ them.  

While most of these workers are still under quarantine, once they are relieved, registrations are expected to increase under SAMPARKA. 

 In other areas, the government is also looking towards Japanese, American and European companies and lobbying for them to set up shop in the state. Many of these companies are looking to move their operations out of China. 

 Over 2.5 lakh people have migrated to the state, out of which 1.25 are migrant workers. 

These returning Assamese workers have the option to register on a recently-launched online portal called ‘Sudakhya’ to apply for skill development training. The training will be facilitated in line with the state’s Skill Development Mission. 

According to Government data, 66,000 industries in Assam’s MSME sector contribute 39 per cent to the state GDP.

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