Biometric attendance system for Punjab National Bank staff


This system will ensure that attendance is accurately recorded in the HRMS.

Employees of Punjab National Bank cannot make excuses for reporting late for  or leaving early from work. The bank will now replace the manual attendance system in its branches with biometric attendance devices.

The manual attendance system involved signing in a register on reaching or leaving the office. Employees often misused this old and traditional system, as it was easy to show timely arrival, in terms of markings, even if the employees actually reached late. Many PSUs followed this attendance system.

However, now, employees’ presence as well as the time of marking the attendance will be captured by the biometric device. There are also rules in place for those marking late attendance and those leaving earlier than the prescribed time.

Employees are required to mark their attendance in the biometric attendance device as soon as they reach the office and also while leaving the office.

The staff is given a grace margin of 15 minutes on three occasions a month, in case they reach the office late. However, after these three grace margins are over, they will be considered late and the system will mark them as ‘on leave’.

This biometric attendance system is integrated with the human resources management system (HRMS) of the bank. As a result, the reporting and leaving time will be uploaded automatically onto the HRMS.

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