BPO named Teleperformance forcing its employees to travel to work

Despite the announcement of the lockdown and all the private organizations being shut down, employees of call centres and knowledge processing units are complaining about being forced to come to work


It was only yesterday that the Prime Minister of India announced that the entire country will be on lockdown for 21 days, till April 21, including shutting down of all MNCs and private firms too.

But few BPOs are still forcing their employees to travel to work, failing which they won’t be entitled to avail their salaries. They have stated that the organizations are taking disadvantage of the government’s permission to allow “essential services” to run.

This has been reported from the employees of Teleperformance Pvt Ltd., which is a BPO operating in ITelenet building in Mindspace, Malad.

A Shiv Sena supporter named Anuj Mhatre also tweeted this BPO has been one of the few BPOs still operational full time. They have been forcing their employees to come and work for them saying that their services fall under the essential services for the banking sector.

He said, “I called Mumbai Police yesterday night to complain about Teleperformance, Mumbai after understanding that they are still operating after the lockdown was announced and that no communication was sent to employees regarding the shutdown/work from home. I also understood that whenever Mumbai Police would come for checking, the office lights were being switched off to show that they are not operating.”

Additionally, the supervisors are also making employees sign a declaration that they are happy with the measures taken by the company like installing hand sanitisers and that they were voluntarily ready to work.

Apparently, despite the employees’s ability to work remotely, the management has been threatening them with salary cuts and marking it as leaves.



  1. One of the branch in Teleperformance in Globsyn Building Salt lake Electronics Complex, Sector V, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700091
    The company forcefully terminated 300 & above employees in this sensible situation pandemic COVID-19.
    Where government requested to every private company’s including MNC’s not to deduct salaries. But the management team of Teleperformance forcefully terminated.
    Everyone is out of Station. How could we survive whereas everywhere is Lockdown. Even we will not move to our homes.

    • Dear I’m also worker of tele performance indore they are not giving a salary to my group and no any clarification from them why they are not paying

      • Same here

        As a part of Company from 31st 2019, may I Please know why i Am Not being paid my salary and Provident Fund from 21st April 2020 till date and why does the Company deducts the advance Paid Leave and the salary which was given in the Month Of June 10th 2020 considered as Advance Pay even.

        when company’s fault to deleiver the proper systems on time without proper headset and internet supply for which I was unable to login ….which later fixed by ourself as no 1 bothered too..

        Talking about the electricity Charges which were about to pay to every employee ,Company assured at the start to pay us every month , why we are not paid yet and why even from Higher management didnt didnt asked us for the same .

        After Getting systems it was very tuff to settle the systems, where in we were not getting proper network at home after which we fixed after some days .

        Talking about the Covi19 situation had to take care for my Mother for few days , and later got quarantined with my family from 12th July 2020 till 25th July 2020 didnt worked , As it was not possible for me to carry the systems at the quarantine centre.

        Im still waiting for the salary from past 3
        Hoping the company might pay to fullfill our daily need and understands the same .

        Being a Reputed Company in the world witj approx revenue foe 550 crores pound in 2019, i dont understand why company finds it very difficult to pay the employees or to take care for employees for few months.

        i trusted working with the company thinking we were safe in this Current pandemic situation.

        I understand the Company’s situation in pandemic world.

        Im employee of Your Company being working with Teleperformance company since 31Dec 2019, Got promoted as senior level appreciated the company’s support to help me growing my future.

        why it is difficult for a company to pay a salary as well PF from past months for a Poor employees .

        Systems Provided were not at all perfect and not even checked by technicians allready updated to the Companys and senior working properly at all which we had to fixed during the pandemic .

        If incase company asking to leave us as no business with the Company , would request you to atleast clear payment for the past months.

        I would request Teleperformance Company to take care as an I do not have any source of income…

  2. My Name is Prakash kumar halder I am working in Teleperformance.
    We were rebatched from concentrix where we were working happily but my present employer Teleperformance which was based in kolkata Globsyn Crystals were just acting too rudely and the present management had forced us to resign in this pandemic situation of Covid 19.
    So we were promised of job security and right now in this critical situation because of Covid-19 we have to work from home and the company has not provided us any system to work with. We have to work with our own cell phones and those who does not have any smartphone or they have jiophone they will be marked PL(Planned Leave) and after the leave balance is over they will be marked as SUPL(unapproved planned leave).
    Now the HR is calling us(rebadged employees) and telling us they we have to serve 30 days of notice period and we are being forced to resign.
    When we are asking the reason behind it , their response is the company model and policies have changed and that they will be giving us opportunity for attending interviews for some other process. If we are selected then we will be transferred to some other process or we have to serve the notice period and resign involuntarily. As per ministry of finance and labour no employee could have been removed from the company now. So if they are making such what we will going to feed our families??

  3. I am also facing the problem by teleperformance udhyog vihar phase 3 gurugram they put me in 30 day period and they told me my process is going to be changed or 14 may 2020 is your last day with organization but my Team leader is saying he has been no information about it and now they are not replying my e-mails and messages
    So, please help me out what action i need to take on this.

  4. Did not get salary for the month of may. How can we survive without money. Having 2 children. Expenses like ration food milk electricity. Please help me.

  5. I m satish Mohanty but I m giving interview. I have selected in Telepefermance .but I have no job in Telepefermance so I m faceing dificult situation So my confidence level Very poor just now. Very bad situation creating by China.

  6. Hi, i am also an employee of Teleperformance, chennai, and i must say that they have not made any salary cuts so far, however they are finding smart ways to get you out of the system to compensate their income, too many demands have been thrown at us and employees who are unable to fulfill those demands are being shortlisted already and indirect threats have also been made to make sure they send the message across to us while being safe. The most ridiculous thing is that they consider whatsup group chats as the major mode of communication, as we all know not everybody can afford to buy a smart phone and not every area gives you 100% mobile network,. The company has not provided computers or laptops so far and we are using our own but still the company tries to put the blame on us for all the technical difficulties they have and for their incompetence, they take advantage of our kindness and find ways to cause more trouble which will definitely put us in a stressful situation. this is not a fair practice. They are acting so cruelly and behaving rudely simply because there are no labor laws applicable for MNC companies to back our statements and issues and will backfire at us and only loss is for us. The government should really look into this because some people are weak and choose to end their lives over this. Human life is the most precious one in this universe and should not be taken for granted at any cost

  7. Despite the govt allowing only 10% employees to come to office for work. This company Teleperformance in Malad (Mumbai) is operating again at full capacity against the govt’s instructions. There is no social distancing followed in office, cafeteria, locker rooms, transport area, employees not even wearing masks. They have even closed the front gate (maybe showing that they aren’t working) asking people to enter from the back gate). I’m an employee of this company, I have seen it with my very own eyes. People’s lives are at risk. Please do something about it.

  8. This is the WORST Company to work for. They don’t give salary on time. They are working on full strength in Mumbai, Malad office by forcing employees to come to work even if Work from home can be done. They are operating from the back gate shared with Inorbit Mall and Hypercity Goregaon Mumbai. There are many positive cases in the canteen area (more than 20) the word is company has bribed BMC. Somebody please help Us employees ?

  9. Despite the govt allowing only few employees to come to office for work. This company Teleperformance in Gurgaon near airtel building is operating again at full capacity against the govt’s instructions. There is no social distancing followed in office, cafeteria, locker rooms, transport area, employees not even wearing masks. No social distancing in lifts labour law and the haryana govt is sleeping They are hiding the corona positive cases with in the building.No sanitisation on floor and once there is any covid case is confirmed they dint ever bothered toempty the building

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