BPO named Teleperformance forcing its employees to travel to work

Despite the announcement of the lockdown and all the private organizations being shut down, employees of call centres and knowledge processing units are complaining about being forced to come to work


It was only yesterday that the Prime Minister of India announced that the entire country will be on lockdown for 21 days, till April 21, including shutting down of all MNCs and private firms too.

But few BPOs are still forcing their employees to travel to work, failing which they won’t be entitled to avail their salaries. They have stated that the organizations are taking disadvantage of the government’s permission to allow “essential services” to run.

This has been reported from the employees of Teleperformance Pvt Ltd., which is a BPO operating in ITelenet building in Mindspace, Malad.

A Shiv Sena supporter named Anuj Mhatre also tweeted this BPO has been one of the few BPOs still operational full time. They have been forcing their employees to come and work for them saying that their services fall under the essential services for the banking sector.

He said, “I called Mumbai Police yesterday night to complain about Teleperformance, Mumbai after understanding that they are still operating after the lockdown was announced and that no communication was sent to employees regarding the shutdown/work from home. I also understood that whenever Mumbai Police would come for checking, the office lights were being switched off to show that they are not operating.”

Additionally, the supervisors are also making employees sign a declaration that they are happy with the measures taken by the company like installing hand sanitisers and that they were voluntarily ready to work.

Apparently, despite the employees’s ability to work remotely, the management has been threatening them with salary cuts and marking it as leaves.


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