Average salary in India is Rs 18,91,085 per year: Survey

As per the Average Salary Survey, the most typical salary is Rs 5,76,851 per year.


The average salary in India, according to the website Average Salary Survey, is reported to be Rs 18,91,085 per year. However, this figure appears to be on the higher side. It is possible that only individuals with high salaries are aware of this website and have participated in the survey, potentially skewing the results.

On the basis of 11,570 salary surveys, the report reveals that Rs 5,76,851 is the most typical salary. Disparity in the salaries of men and women professionals does exist, with men earning an average of Rs 19,53,055 per year, and women earning only about Rs 15,16,296 per year.

In the domain of management and business, the average income is Rs 29,50,185, while in the field of law, the average income is Rs 27,02,962 INR.

Profsssionals with doctorate degrees earn the highest salaries of about Rs 27,52,407. The second highest salary is drawn by those with a master’s degree, that is, Rs 21,26,111.

In terms of experience, those with over two decades of experience earn Rs 38,15,462, while those with experience between 16 to 20 years earn about Rs 36, 50,647.

The cities with highest average annual salary are Solapur, Mumbai and Bengaluru in that order. Professionals in Solapur and Mumbai earn an average of Rs 28.1 and Rs 21.2 lakhs per year, respectively. The most typical salary in Bengaluru was Rs 9.8 lakh per annum.

Delhi ranked fourth with average annual salary of Rs 20.4 lakh, while Bhubaneshwar followed fifth with an average annual salary of Rs 19.9 lakhs.

Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad ranked eighth, 10th, 19th, 20th and 26th, respectively, in a list that contained names of 54 cities.


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