Bonuses worth 50 months’ salary awarded to Evergreen employees

Evergreen Marine Corp gives out bonuses worth 50 months’ salary to employees with Taiwan based contracts after a stellar growth in 2022.


After having a standout financial year, Taipei based Evergreen Marine Corp announces year- end bonuses equal to or more than 50 months’ salary.

The company has been in the news these past few years, most notably for its infamous ‘Ever Given’ ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal, Egypt in 2021 and its ‘Ever Forward’ ship that got stuck in a canal in Baltimore last year.

According to sources close to the matter, the bonuses will vary according to the employee’s job grade and function. It is to note that only employees with Taiwan based contracts will avail these perks.

Evergreen released a statement on the same, saying that the year- end bonuses are always based on the company’s performance for the year and the individual performance of the employee.

These massive bonuses are credited to the massive boom in the shipping industry these past few years, which was driven by a demand for consumer goods and freight rates during the pandemic.

The company is set to record three times the revenue it recorded in 2020, in 2022, which amounts to around USD 20.7 billion.

Unfortunately, not all Evergreen employees seem to be treated with the same generosity. Its Shanghai based employees have complained of unfair treatment as they received bonus of only five to eight times their monthly wage, according to a report from Caixin.

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