Government staff must buy cheapest travel ticket to avail LTC

As per the new rules of the 7th Pay Commission, only tickets booked through an authorised travel agent will be considered


Central government employees will have to follow new rules to avail leave travel concession or LTC, as per the 7th Pay Commission.

The Ministry of Finance now requires that government employees choose the cheapest ticket to travel in order to be eligible for reimbursement. Also, they should book the single ticket through an authorised travel agent, and that too a minimum of three weeks in advance. Employees have been advised to refrain from cancelling tickets.

The authorised agents are Bomer Lawrie & Company, Ashok Travels and IRCTC as reported by Employees need not pay any fees to these agents.

In case there arise circumstances where employees are unable to avoid cancelling the tickets, they will need to furnish the reasons within 72 hours.

Some changes in salary are also likely for government staff, if the Government approves the increment in fitment factor.

Employees’ unions have been seeking an increment in fitment factor for some time now. It is presently 2.57 per cent, and the demand is to hike it to 3.68 per cent. If the hike is approved, the minimum wage will go up by Rs 8,000, to Rs 26,000.

If the dearness allowance is also hiked, as it is most likely to, then employees can look forward to a DA of over 34 per cent.

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