HDFC Bank will reimburse vaccination cost of over 1 lakh employees

The initiative will benefit the immediate dependents of the employees too


HDFC Bank will reimburse the vaccination of its workforce, that is, over 1 lakh employees as well as their immediate dependents.

Vinay Razdan, group head – HR, HDFC Bank, assures, “We have followed all government mandated guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and customers at our offices and bank branches.” He appreciates the “exemplary perseverance, professionalism and dedication” shown by the Bank’s staff while serving millions of customers through these challenging times. He says, “Covering the cost of vaccination for our employees and their dependent family members is a small gesture from the organisation to express our gratitude to our employees.”

Ashima Bhat, group head, HDFC Bank, emphasises that the Bank considers its employees as front-line workers, who worked hard and undertook risks to ensure that essential banking services were available to all customers even during the lockdown. Bhat is full of gratitude for the dedicated employees and says, “For their health and safety, we are ensuring that our employees and their dependent family members are inoculated and protected from COVID-19.”

HDFC Bank took several measures to ensure the well-being of its employees during the lockdown, by partnering with leading healthcare providers and medical practitioners. In addition to maintaining strict safety protocols at its branches and offices, the Bank also ensured the psychological wellbeing of its employees and their family members through various online initiatives.

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