Japanese company offers incentive to non-smokers

The CEO has decided to give six extra days of paid leave to employees who do not take smoke breaks .

Japanese company offers incentive to non-smokers

A company in Tokyo has come up with an innovative way to discourage smoking. It provides six extra paid leaves to those employees who do not take a smoke break. Considering that the smokers get to spend more time away from their workstations and their work, this is a great way to ensure productivity and also ensure the wellbeing of the employees.

This incentive was rolled out after some non-smokers in the organisation complained that they were putting in extra hours while the smokers got to take smoking breaks. They highlighted the fact that the smokers had to go down to the basement of the building in order to smoke, which led to long breaks, since the office is situated on the 29th floor. Naturally, the smoke breaks lasted at least 15 minutes and were causing resentment amongst the non-smokers who felt they were doing more work. Therefore, the CEO decided to allow the non-smokers additional time off work in the form of six days of paid leave.

Instead of imposing a fine or punishment, this is a great way to get employees to quit smoking.

Ever since the incentive was introduced as many as 120 employees of the organisation have availed the additional paid leaves, and many smokers have decided to quit smoking altogether.

This is an incentive that can be given a try in India Inc. too.

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