Merck to roll out employee-fertility benefits programme soon

The programme will be available in eight markets, including India


Merck, a company specialising in science and technology, has announced an extensive Fertility Support Initiative set to be rolled out in October 2023. It will be available to all employees, regardless of their marital status and will cover their partners as well.

The initiative will provide financial assistance to employees seeking fertility treatments. The initiative will cover various services such as fertility testing, in vitro fertilisation treatments and hormonal therapies. Additionally, the employees will also get access to informative services concerning fertility-related disorders.

Initially, the programme will be rolled out in eight markets, that is, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, China, India, Taiwan, Brazil and Mexico. As per the company’s statement, Merck already offers similar benefits to its employees in the US, Canada and Japan. There are plans to extend this offering to Merck employees in additional countries starting next year.

Furthermore, the initiative is also a part of the company’s commitment to employee welfare and its dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive corporate culture where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and belong.

In an official statement, Belén Garijo, CEO and chair of the executive board, Merck, expressed the companys’ recognition of the significant emotional and financial challenges associated with infertility. “We are delighted that through our Fertility Benefit programme, we can support our employees as they strive to fulfil their dream of parenthood,” he added

Merck is a company known for fertility-treatment therapies. According to the latest projections, its products have played a pivotal role in facilitating the birth of over five million babies.

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