Min. salary of KSRTC staff to go up to Rs 23K

The salary scale will come into effect from June 2021, and the employees will begin to receive the revised salaries starting January 2022


The Government of Kerala has taken a decision to revise the salaries of the employees of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC). The employees’ minimum pay will go up from Rs 8,730 to Rs 23,000.

With this salary revision, the burden on KSRTC will grow to Rs 100 crore every month. In October, KSRTC generated a revenue of Rs 113.77 crore, while it spent about Rs 270.78 crore.

With the revenue rising to Rs 121 crore in November, the expenditure also rose further.

As part of certain reforms, women drivers, conductors and mechanics will now be allowed to avail maternity leave of up to a year more, in addition to the standard six months. They will continue to receive a monthly allowance of Rs 5,000 during this period and not lose out on service and pension benefits either.

A special allowance of Rs 50 will be given to drivers who take 20 duties a month, and Rs 100 if they take more.

Duty pattern will be revised too in accordance with the Motor Transport Workers Act. The job criteria in all sections will also undergo revision.

Another reform is the addition of a new cadre of driver-cum-conductors on long routes, within a distance of 500km.

A provision to allow those over 45 years of age to take long leaves of up to five years, on 50 per cent salary has also been introduced by KSRTC.

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