PayPal and Microsoft offer unique holiday season gift to young parents

The holiday wellness initiative is a game changer for young parents, struggling to accommodate holiday shopping, professional commitments and childcare in their busy schedules.

PayPal and Microsoft offer unique holiday season gift to young parents

The holiday season is full of stress for young parents. Along with having to work, they have to think of buying gifts and also find time to take care of their children. PayPal and Microsoft’s latest initiative has relieved parents of some of the holiday burden.

Both companies are now offering their employees paid babysitting services so that they need not worry about them during the holidays.

The move was considered after many employees declined to come to the office holiday party at the end of the season. On investigation, it was found that lack of a babysitter or the high cost of hiring one was the primary reason for lack of attendance at the party.

Hiring childcare support can be quite expensive, more so when one is required outside of regular working hours. Naturally, employees found it hard to pay through their nose for a babysitter, just so that they could attend a party.

Microsoft and PayPal have teamed up to offer employer-sponsored childcare. They will hire and pay for babysitters so that their employees can go holiday shopping and attend the office party after work hours. Not only does this lighten the burden for parents, it also allows them to attend official parties which serve as prime networking opportunities.

Also, with their children well taken care of, young parents can now work without worrying about having to spend official time browsing for gifts.

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