‘Power programmers’ at Infosys will get double salary

Five per cent of employees, that is, those belonging to an elite group of extraordinarily skilled programmers, can expect a 100% increment.

‘Power programmers’ at Infosys will get double salary

Power programmers are an elite group of coders and programmers at Infosys, who are highly skilled in programming. The information technology company has decided to give an 100 per cent increment to  ‘power programmers’, who will now earn double the salary from a regular employee.

Infosys hires freshers from the top engineering institutes of the nation, such as the IITs and the NITs. When these freshers are inducted into the company, the organisation filters out some of the best coders and programmers from the lot through a special screening. Candidates possessing extraordinary technical skills are selected to be part of the ‘power programmers’.

The Company trains them in relevant technologies for specialised projects, to meet the business requirements.

During the training, there is more emphasis on programming, concepts of algorithms and databases.

After the training ends, there is a change in the roles, and they are put on projects involving high-value clients.

The existing employees can also try and be a part of this elite group by clearing a programming test and then an interview.

Last year, Infosys hired 500 freshers from India’s top engineering colleges.

Talking to HRKatha, Richard Lobo, EVP & HR head, Infosys, says, “We are preparing to build a reward strategy of the future. We believe that in the future, employees will be paid according to their skills and potentials.”

Passion for technology and programming, coupled with great learning agility will assure a spot in this elite group of programmers.

As this is a special team developed for specialised projects, the members receive high-end perks as well, in addition to a higher salary.

Richard Lobo

“We are preparing to build a reward strategy of the future. We believe that in the future, employees will be paid according to their skills and potentials” 

Earlier, the power programmers used to receive a hike of 30 to 35 per cent.

It is expected that five per cent of Infosys employees will be getting double salary.

On the same lines, Infosys also has a ‘Digital Tag’ initiative, wherein it emphasises on digital skills. Infosys has identified 32 hot skills. Any employee in possession of these skills, will receive quarterly incentives from the Company.

Last year, around 2000 employees were given bonuses under the ‘Digital Tag’ initiative.

“The digital tag initiative covers every employee at Infosys. We are promoting learning new digital skills in employees and we want to reward people on the basis of their skills,” shares Lobo.

Earlier this year, TCS also introduced the National Qualifier Test for freshers and existing employees. Freshers who got through this test were given a higher compensation as compared to others.

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