Retired CG staff may work on contract, for up to 5 years

While they will receive a monthly salary, they will not be eligible for any increments


Central government officers who superannuated during the pandemic will be given an opportunity to continue working post retirement, on contract. The Government is looking at giving such officers to take up technical positions, such as personal assistants, directors or consultants.

While the remuneration and allowances for such contractual appointments are yet to be finalised by the Government and ministries, they will definitely not be the same as they were used to getting before retirement. The honorarium will most certainly not exceed the last remuneration the employees received before retirement, including pension and salary. Also, it has been decided that such employees can continue on contract only up to the age of 65.

The retirement age for Central government employees is 60 years, and with this opportunity, they can continue in contractual positions for another five years only. They will be allowed a day and a half’s leave every month. If they perform exceptionally well, their contract may be extended by a year, but not beyond five years post retirement.

While these employees will receive a monthly salary, they will not enjoy any increments or any home allowance.

Reports say that the Government will restore the dearness allowance, which had been reduced to 17 per cent during the pandemic. This means, employees will start getting more salary after June 2021 and pensioners will also get an increased pension w.e.f June next year.

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